07 September, 2016

Road Trip Time Out

Mason- Grade 2
I'm leaving the "Road Trip" posts temporarily for back to school photos. You knew that had to happen, right?
Lucy Ann- First day of Kindergarten

Gregory- Kindergarten first day
Gregory- first school bus ride home; it was a success!

Our babies! Where has the time gone? In honor of that auspicious day that rolls around every year at the end of August, Nana created each one a special back-to-school pillowcase of their own.

Also for that "first day" our small quilt group rose to the occasion and produced fifty three fabulous nap blankets that were delivered to the pre-K classes at the local elementary school that we adopted some years ago. Each child in three classes there will choose their very own nap blanket to snuggle with all year and keep forever when school dismisses at the end of the year.

Lynnleigh returned to pre-school again this morning. This face! As I told her mother, if her father had put on a sad expression when he was this age, to protest something he didn't want to do, it didn't faze me, he did it anyway; I was immune to emotional manipulation. But this one? If I had been at her house this morning I would have swept her up in a big hug and allowed her to stay at home! That's what God does when he creates grandmothers! Awwww... I pray that she's smiling again now.
Life is Good!

The EPIC Road Trip installments will resume again tomorrow. 
Get ready to hop back in the car!


Nane said...

Too cute. Riding the bus is a goal for Wade, but it will be a few years yet.

Paula, the quilter said...

Parents have to be so much tougher than grandparents. Don't those little ones just melt your heart?

Janet O. said...

A wonderful post, Mrs. G. Oh, that last photo and your commentary on it is so real!! : )

NanaNor's said...

You are such an incredible Nana. Love the pillowcases and the nap blankets your group provides for the school. I need to catch up on your road trip though.

rondiquilts said...

Beautiful children, such a blessing.


Lindah said...

Too cute! God bless and keep them each one.

45th Parallel Quilter said...

Wow ... that look on her face. BUT she is "styling" those socks and sneakers. LOVE IT!! Linda

Tanya said...

Your grandkids are getting so big! Lynnleigh's face sure let's us know that she is not happy about the situation!

Jean said...

O.K., the only thing i need to ask is if your grandchildren live in Portland, Oregon? Cause the picture of Lucy with her "I rocked the first day of kindergarten"... it looks like my granddaughter in the background! She just started kindergarten this year too! Could be a twinner but with her bike helmet and all.... maybe not! lol Jean