07 December, 2016

Countdown Glimpses

When I began posting this month I made reference to glimpses, little peeks into the Christmas preparations going on here at home as if they were quick looks into windows on Advent calendars. Today's glimpses are of some of our actual Advent calendar collection. These have long ago had each window opened as we counted down to Christmas, but I have hung onto them and proudly display them each year now, not only for the charming illustrative artwork but also for the memories associated with opening each tiny window as a family, all in anticipation of what was to come! This free-standing Christmas house may just be my all time favorite!
I simply love the illustrations and the colors.
The attic garret is an art studio. The photo below shows what is behind window #7 above.
Why, yes, it is Santa himself, posing for the artist of course!
The outside of the Christmas house calendar.
This smaller, wall calendar, depicts a European Christmas market in the snow.
This chestnut vendor wears a coat with #4 window as her pocket.
Just look at what is keeping warm in there! I have a special fondness for the little dog in this one too!
The bear skiers are having a grand time outside this Alpine castle on this bright calendar.
This particular calendar has not held up as well over time, some of the "doors" have been lost but it remains on of my favorites nonetheless!  The precious illustrations evocative of children's books of fairy tales hold a very special place in my heart!  How are you counting down at your house?🎄📅
Life is Good!


jude's page said...

Great treasures, I don't have any of these, and my Christmas preparations are not happening until I finish some customer quilts, so will be rather last minute.

Janet O. said...

I loved these kinds of calendars as a child, though I don't think my family ever had one.
The house is amazing! Where do you display it?
I made a felt advent calendar when my children were small, but I currently use a magnetic one my daughter made me on a cookie tray.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I'm sharing a photo a day on Instagram with decorations that evoke special memories or have special meanings. Your advent calendars are some of the prettiest and most interesting I've ever seen!!

Quilting Babcia said...

These are some of the most beautiful Advent calendars I've ever seen, thanks so much for sharing these treasures.

Mary said...

I have always loved these detailed advent calendars. One year my sister and I set out to make our own. We drew our house on a large bristol board and drew tiny pictures of our family preparing for Christmas to attach behind little windows. It remained a family favourite for years even being updated with spouses as they arrived.