07 December, 2017

Room To Grow

This is but one of many little dish gardens that sweetly sat on the tables at our son and daughter-in-law's wedding reception. The dish gardens were given to friends and family members to take home after the wedding reception was over, that was back in May of 2008, nine and a half years ago. Since then there has been growth, lots of it: over time our son and daughter in law bought a home and spread their roots. In 2010 their son was born and in 2013, their daughter; more growth, their family has changed a lot since that day back in 2008.  Given room, love and the right conditions, growth will happen. I remember a pastor friend telling me many years ago that change is growth and growth is life. Well, that is most certainly true, and especially in the case of this little plant. One of the dish gardens from that wedding reception nine and a half years ago went to my good friend, Quiltkeemosabe. A few weeks ago she asked me if I would like this plant. You see, it is a surviving Palm plant from one of those original dish gardens; it had outgrown its space at her home, she was looking to tame her jungle. "Yes", I said; "I would love it". And so, it has come to live at our home now. It is a floor plant today and it's been given room to grow and spread its roots in my husband's study.
Given room, love and the right conditions, growth will occur.

Once there was a little palm plant, it didn't understand the word "can't". 
It spread its roots, its limbs stretched too. 
It did the only thing it knew to do, because it was cared for through and through,
it GREW! 

What are you cultivating in your life today? 
What needs room, and love, to stretch and grow?  
Life is Good!


Katy said...

Great Story this time of year giving us pause to think about what we need to let grow in our lives. Also your friend is very special to give this to you so many years later.

cityquilter grace said...

obviously got the right care to flourish so....

Janet O. said...

I am currently overwhelmed with houseplants--over 40 of them. And as much as friends think I have a green thumb, this palm is one with which I do not have much success. Quiltkeemosabe has done a beautiful job of nurturing it. How thoughtful of her to return it to its "roots" (pun intended).

Quiltdivajulie said...

What a beautiful post!!!

jude's page said...

A very special post, and lovely reminder. Thankyou. Lovely plant too.

Synthia said...

I'm not much of a gardner of plants, but that's a lovely message. Thank you.