18 February, 2018

Be Attitudes

The February addition to my growing pile from Nancy Halvorsen's "Be Attitudes" pattern. 
I am working my way through the year, one block at a time; can a finished quilt be far behind? 
Life id Good!


Carolyn said...

This is on my bucket list. Oh so little time.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Really lovely!

Anne Heidi said...

Your block is so sweet! I made this quilt years ago, and it has been hanging in our hall, right by our front door ever since. It is the only quilt in the house that never gets changed.... I just love the reminders, and always made the kids read them and try hard to live by them. It seemed like a good reminder on their way out the door :-)

Debbie Lou said...

Love this quilt! I have the top done, but need to quilt it! It's so cute!!!

Janet O. said...

I think this is a great quilt. Have admired it many times.
Going one block each month is a nice way to have a quilt made at years end without realizing you did it all. :) (Which makes me wonder why I have not done a "BOM" in years.)

Teresa said...

Nice block. I made this quilt several years ago and gave it to one of my granddaughters. It was a fun one to make.