14 June, 2018

Quilting Day

Well, if the truth were told I would love for every day to be quilting day at my house; wouldn't you? But, as we all well know, life creeps in around the edges and the time we have to dedicate to our favorite passion is often squeezed in where we can fit it. I took a whole day a week or so ago and quilted up these two long-forgotten quilt tops for my Mom. She only recently found them in a box retrieved from their attic space where they had resided for decades. She barely even remembered piecing them! I brought them home with me and promised to quilt them up for her. It was my pleasure to bring them to life; especially after all this time!
This soft and sweet Rail Fence variation was quilted with a Pantograph by Timeless Quilting: "Hearts in Bloom".
This graphic strip pieced lap quilt was quilted with my newest Pantograph: "Diamonds are Forever" by Urban Elementz. I love the texture created by quilting this design on such a linear quilt. 
I finished up the binding for her too; I found the perfect complementary fabrics in a bin of scraps that she gave me recently, they were meant to be reunited!  I do believe that Mom will be pleased. I thought about how happy she will be to get them back with each stitch as I hand-stitched these bindings down to the back.  I hope that she will enjoy them for many years to come.  💗

Life is Good!


Janet O. said...

How special that you could finish those quilts for your Mom.
That is a great panto, and really works to soften the bold graphics of the quilt.
Good of you to do the binding, too. I am so slow at binding that I would still be binding for weeks to come, if I were doing it. :)

Quiltdivajulie said...

Two lovely quilts! Don't you just love the Quiltfolk magazines!!

Tanya said...

How wonderful to give life to two quilts that have been hidden away all these years.