06 June, 2018

Random Musings... From My Mind To Yours

Please bear with me, I have a few assorted topics to discuss, question and marvel over. First: these Hydrangeas. Aren't they pretty? We haven't had nary a bloom on these bushes for at least five years. We were beginning to think that they needed to be pulled out and planted somewhere else. We have not done one. thing. extra. to encourage or promote blooming. All of a sudden, last month, I noticed a profusion of buds forming! Hallelujah! Does anyone know why this may be? Knowing that the blossoms come on old wood we haven't cut them back; but then, we hadn't cut them back in at least five years. It's all mysterious and wonderful as far as we are concerned, but if anyone might know the reason, please share!
Our son has been sick: stomach distress, back pain and abdominal discomfort. This past Saturday he surprised everyone (he never gets sick and if he does, he never complains; so, the fact that he went to this extreme, both warned and worried us) and went to the Emergency Department, he feared he had appendicitis. A scan revealed a kidney stone. The stone was small so he was sent home with pain medications and other drugs; the waiting game began. He did not improve. Days dragged, he was miserable and suffering. He went back to the Dr. yesterday and was sent to the hospital for emergency surgery to remove the stone where a blockage had occurred. All went well and he was home last evening again with his family. He is "battle worn" from the ordeal but feeling much, much better and returned to work bright and early this morning. I woke up feeling like a weight had been lifted off of my mind and heart. As mothers they never get too old, do they? We worry the same way that we did when they were three and running a fever through the night or when they broke a bone; the same, exact, way as when they have ever suffered distress! They might be too big to scoop up in our laps and rock them to sleep in our arms anymore, but our hearts and minds revert to that behavior as we rejoice in their recovery; thanks be to God!
How often do you go bra shopping? If you're at all like me it is one of the most agonizing of all shopping excursions (second only to selecting a swimsuit). Whenever I find a style that fits well, and is comfortable, I buy as many as I can find in my size; because, don't you know, the next time you go shopping for one again that style is always discontinued! ALWAYS! Okay, yesterday was the day. I had put it off for as long as I possibly could. Yes, it was agonizingly painful an experience as I thought it would be; but, this time there was a new reality: the image of an old lady's body reflected back at me from the fitting room's mirror. Where did she come from? I found a few styles that met my basic criteria and skee-daddled out of there as fast as I could; far, far away from that old lady's scrutinizing eyes. I should be good for awhile; I bought four, (buy one get a second at 50% off!) maybe that old lady will be gone whenever I return-- a long time from now! Am I alone in this experience? Do any of you encounter "visitors" in those fitting room mirrors? 
These are last year's Easter lilies carried home from Easter Sunday service and plated in the ground. I really forgot about them until they emerged this spring and have, quite simply, burst forth! They have been holding onto these buds for weeks on end. We have had nothing but rain for the longest time but this week the sun has broken through once again and one bud has finally begun to loosen its tight grip. Will these burst forth in bloom today or tomorrow? What a glorious surprise these have been to witness their progress! I planted this year's lilies just behind these plants; next year we should have double the glory! What surprises are you experiencing in your life right now? Who knows, yours might be as close as a glance out the window; whatever it is, I hope that you are wrapped in the wonder of God's gift of glory all around you. Today I give thanks for all that He has so abundantly provided, revealed in blessings of every shape and form. 
Life is Good!


Quiltdivajulie said...

Beautiful post -- and I laughed out loud at the appearance of the "old lady" in your dressing room. I never see her here unless I look in the mirror or see photographs of myself (candids, not the posed kind). Sigh . . . I love your flower photos (I'd rather stay on the upbeat side).

julieQ said...

My hydrangea has one lonely pink blossom!! We had hail last night, so everything is pretty beaten down. Yours are glorious! I too tend to stock up on things that fit, LOL!! So glad your baby is better...that is such a painful thing to endure.

Janet O. said...

Lovely Hydrangea! They don't do well in our climate zone, so I have no idea what you did or didn't do right. :)
Just had a friend go through the kidney stone ordeal. Based on her experience, I really feel empathy for your son. Glad he is finally doing better.
LOL about the bra shopping. So, so true. I thought I'd put it behind me for a while, but have lost enough weight this year that I need to face it again. And I agree--the style you like is NEVER available when you go back next time.
My lilacs and snowball bush bloomed gloriously this year. Now I am awaiting the bursting forth of the rosebuds into beautiful flowers. Love God's handiwork!

Tanya said...

So good to hear that your son is again up and running. As parents I’m sure all of us would have the pain and uncertainty on ourselves rather than watch our children be burdened.

As for the lady in the mirror... you look so great! Think about how most of us are met by grey and sags and an extra tire! I remember looking in a mirror and being horrified that MY MOTHER was staring back at me!!!

Shasta Matova said...

I'm glad your son is doing better. Your flowers are beautiful!

Little Penpen said...

Lol on bra shopping! I hate it too! So glad your son is feeling better. That must have been a scary time for all of you. I love love love hydrangeas and planted my first bush (transplanted from my aunts yard) two years ago. No blooms yet, but it is growing. I didn't know that about the dead wood; thanks for the tip!! I'm excited for you that yours bloomed!

cityquilter grace said...

always think of God's love for nature when i see beautiful flowers...He who created all things gave us beautiful flowers that speak to our souls...many blessings today but no real surprises...but the day is young!

Anonymous said...

That visitor in the change room is always my Mother! Why does she have to come shopping with me, I am 70 you know Mum!
Beautiful Hydrangea blooms.
Once a Mum, always a Mum! glad your son is better.

straythreads said...

Beautiful hydrangea we don’t have the right soil here for anything but white/green. Have you had more rain than normal? They love hydration. Glad your son is on the mend. Yes I have seen that old lady in the three way mirror and she scares the bejabbers out of me.
Have a great week