06 August, 2018

Admitting Defeat

As hard as this is to admit: I have met my match; I have been defeated. What makes it even worse, though, is when I am beaten down by a child's toy and a ten year old with her own You Tube channel! I never professed to being smarter than a fifth-grader; clearly, now we know. The Rainbow Loom looks innocent enough, I wasn't threatened at first: after all, it's an educational toy and a toy-of-the-year award winner. Our five year old granddaughter brought hers to our home this weekend and sat, playing on the floor for the longest time-- she quietly looped colorful little rubber bands over and around the pegs, attempting to make bracelets, she was having a wonderful time amusing herself. I should have left well enough alone; but, no, I got down with her and asked her to show me how this worked. "I need help", she pleaded, "I don't know how to use the hook." Okay, I thought, "where are the instructions?", I asked. "Mommy threw them away" was her answer, "but there are lots of videos" she piped up, "we can watch those...because-- I really want to make a starburst ring!" 
 This was the video she wanted to watch. Seriously-- we spent at least an hour watching Reece (probably because I had to pause the video every few seconds and back up just as often) who can whip out Starburst Rings at the speed of light, she can't be more than ten (but she is adorable and she has a British accent); I'll give her that. I tried and tried, over and over, my granddaughter cheered me on; she really wanted a ring like Reece had! I was determined, but that cannot be confused with proficiency. At this point I was still wondering why anyone would discard perfectly good instructions, but I was naive enough to believe that I could help her through a video tutorial.
This was the final result. A star that didn't quite burst, she was happy-- 
until she slipped it off and it fell apart. There was no way I was attempting another.
Lynnleigh did make Nana a bracelet. I am wearing it to remind me that my granddaughter loves me-- and that I should probably buy myself a Rainbow Loom so that I can practice in the privacy of my own home. I may be able to admit defeat but that doesn't ever mean that I have dealt myself out of the game-- oh, no! This Rainbow Loom lunacy is something that I will not only learn, but conquer! Move over, Reece! 
Life is Good!

Lynnleigh-- be patient, honey, 
Nana will make you the prettiest starburst ring yet!  



Quilting Babcia said...

Thanks for the warning! Now maybe I can get a head start on something granddaughter #2 will surely be wanting! Amazing what these kids can do isn't it?

Janet O. said...

Oh, this gave me a good laugh, Mrs. G!
I will leave this to you, and hope my granddaughters are not aware of this product. I have still never mastered the Rubik's Cube.

leigh anna said...

Let’s try this again....

I threw out the instructions becaus they were WORTHLESS! I’ve seen better instructions sent from China, that have been translated from various languages and English was an after thought. The only part of the loom instructions that told me anything was to go to Rainbow Loom’s YouTube page and learn more. And that’s what we’ve done. It’s been the only way either Lynnleigh or I have learned anything. Suzanne, the rainbow loom lady, is so patient, and exactly what I need in a teacher.

Thank you, Nama, for trying!

sunny said...

You go girl!! I've never even seen once, so I'll try to keep it that way...