22 September, 2018


What does the word REBOUND mean to you? According to the Google online dictionary there are three different definitions:
1. to bounce back through the air after hitting a hard surface or object.
2. recover in value, amount, or strength after a previous decrease or decline.
3. (of an event or situation) have an unexpected adverse consequence for (someone, especially the person responsible for it).  Obviously these are not the same definitions that a quilter would use; we would use the word "rebound" to refer, in the past tense, to a quilt that has had its binding replaced. It has been rebound. Now, why would a quilt possibly need to be rebound? For the very best of all reasons: because it has been loved to pieces! Gregory's six-year-old Picture Play quilt has had its binding replaced and it is ready to go back to his house.  This one is nearly ready to be retired, Nana is making him a new quilt, a bigger-boy one, for his bed. But this one will always be his first bed quilt. 
I can scarcely believe that this was six years ago. 
I only hope that he will love his next quilt as much-- to pieces. 
It's why we make quilts!
Life is Good!


Little Penpen said...

How cute! I have one that needs rebound'ing too!

Quiltdivajulie said...

I've had to rebind several quilts - and you are right that it makes one feel good that the quilt was so loved!

Janet O. said...

That is SUCH a cute shot of Gregory standing on his bed with his quilt. I'm sure he will love the next one just as much.
I have only had a couple that were worn out in the binding, and there were blocks in those that were worn out, too. So they became dog bed material.