02 October, 2018

Hello, October!

Yep, another calendar page has been turned. "Hello, October" really has been replaced in my mind today with "whatever happened to September?" Sigh. Time marches on! I read an excellent article yesterday morning, sent to me by a dear friend, which helps put life into perspective. I am linking to it here for your reading enjoyment. It helped me to savor the day, simply for the pleasure of being in it! Rather than analyze my daily accomplishments; or rather, my lack of them, I sipped my tea and reflected on all that I had to be thankful for. There is profound peace in doing that. Our oldest granddaughter is eight years old today! She is a blessing to all of our family; she is smart, funny, loving and a pure joy to be around! I made a trip to the Capital City earlier last week for a sew-a-thon at our daughter's home in preparation for Lucy Ann's "American Girl" slumber party on Friday night. We stitched pajama shorts for four little girls and matching ones for their dolls. Our daughter-in-law created vinyl iron-on monograms for blank T-shirts too, completing the sleep ensembles!
Lucy Ann and her sleepover friends. 
They were a huge hit! There are no words for how cute this is!! Our daughter did report that not a lot of sleep happened though. 😉

Mr. Goodneedle and I made a return trip to the Capital City on Sunday afternoon to watch Mason play soccer and to celebrate Lucy Ann's birthday a few days early.  Her birthday wish was for the American Girl remote-control car for her dolls to ride in. She was super excited to open it! (It appeared that her brother was equally excited to see what was in the big box!) Sadly, it did not work! 
After many attempts to remedy the situation (the boys gave it their all!) the decision was made, at long last, to send it back and get a replacement. Lucy Ann was extremely gracious and understanding. I do believe that we were much sadder and disappointed about the non-functional car than she was. The new car is already on its way. Hang on, birthday girl, your kiddos will be riding in style very soon!  Yes, October has arrived; we're in the final quarter of the year, days are once again growing shorter. I, for one, am focusing on living each day deliberately, reading life like a book, and sharing excerpts right here! 
Life is Good!



rondiquilts said...

Happy 8th Birthday Lucy Ann.


cityquilter grace said...

omigosh...are those really your oldest? they have grown sooo fast...and yes october is here, my yankee blood is still waiting for that crisp, cool air but it is still summer here in MD!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Marvelous post - on so very many levels. I'm off to read the article now - thanks for sharing it!

Quilting Babcia said...

Those are just about the sweetest outfits for both girls and their girls! What a fabulous way to celebrate a birthday.

Shasta Matova said...

The months are flying by fast, and September seemed to go especially fast for me too. Those outfits are so adorable. Happy birthday to Lucy Ann!

Janet O. said...

What a fun party for those girls. Very clever ideas your DIL had for making it special for them.
Slumber party/sleepover--neither name really fits, does it? :)

Tanya said...

What a great idea and a lot of sewing (well worth it) to make all those mchting outfits for both girls AND dolls! Wonderful grandma!!!