25 October, 2018

Small Group

We had a terrific opportunity to watch a great movie last evening. "Small Group - the movie" stars the son of fellow church members of ours. It is currently playing at select theaters nation-wide; but, we learned, it wasn't going to be playing here! Undaunted, efforts were made to get it here. Through Gathr Films, arrangements were made to schedule a screening at a local theater right here in town; a one-night showing. Many church members and family and friends showed up to enjoy an evening out together and to cheer on this hometown actor. Here is the trailer to entice you: 

Look for this one! If you can't find it, promote it and see if you can get your own Small Group (or better yet, LARGE group) for a screening of your own. It's worth the effort, believe me!

Life is Good!

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Elita@Busy Needle Quilting said...

I have a feeling that it might not make it overseas for a while. Will have to wait for it to get on Netflix. :D Looks like it is a great film. Congrats to your friends!