27 December, 2018

It's A Wrap

... and just like that, another Christmas is history. 2019 is looming just around the corner. I can finally post about a few things that I have been stitching. Using this pattern by Atkinson Designs I managed
to make up quite a few batches of these zippered pouches that will be good for toting all sorts of goodies and whatnots. For the most part, I constructed them in sets of threes to give as gifts.
But then, I got to thinking-- the medium size is just perfect as a unique presentation for a cash gift. I stitched up another batch especially for that purpose, these were made up from Christmas and winter-themed fabrics and distributed to family on Christmas. 
They were a huge hit! All tolled, I believe I stitched up somewhere between 25 and 30 of these. I can now do it with my eyes closed! One thing that I did learn along the way is that there is absolutely no consistency whatsoever when it comes to pricing all-purpose zippers! Shop around, there are bargains but you do have to hunt.  
And, speaking of huge hits; Gregory loved his new quilt. 😊
Hannes received something cozy, soft and warm from Santa for his sleeping enjoyment as well. 😉

Yes, another Christmas has come and gone. On Christmas afternoon Mr. Goodneedle and I watched a movie that I had never before seen. I realize that you're shocked and that I might be the last person on earth to admit that I had never watched this quintessential Christmas movie. I knew that another year could simply not conclude without viewing Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed. It truly was wonderful!
There was popcorn, too!
Life is Good!


Quiltdivajulie said...

I've never actually watched the whole movie either - only clips and snippets here and there. Great looking zipper pouches!!!

quiltkeemosabe said...

Can't believe you'd never seen It's a Wonderful Life! Have been watching it since I was a teenager. Required watching every year! Even saw it on the big screen one Christmas a few years ago! So glad you've finally seen it!

Sewing Sue said...

Wawak dot com, you can order zippers with nylon teeth for pennies. Shipping is low. They have good prices on any number of sewing notions. I order frequently.