25 February, 2019

Third In A Series

This past weekend was a repeat of our "one on one" grandchildren weekends, which, in actuality, should be called "one on two" as we've been hosting one child at a time with both grandparents! This past weekend it was Mason's turn. We picked him up on Friday afternoon in the Capital City and enjoyed every minute of his company. Now a fourth grader, Mason loves to read and play sports. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate for any outdoor activities but we made the most of being confined indoors. On Saturday, Mason surprised his cousins by attending Gregory's Pinewood Derby! Uncle Kyle even had a car for Mason to race after the Cub Scouts' competition concluded; Mason raced Lynnleigh in the "family fun run". Lynnleigh's little car turned out, surprisingly, to be super fast; but Mason ended up getting an even better prize at the end when Uncle Kyle let him keep the car!💗
Mason (lane 1) vs. Lynnleigh (lane 2) in the "Fun Run" race.
After the Pinewood Derby all the cousins were treated to the new Lego movie, they loved it. The rest of the weekend was spent playing games (perfecting those Cribbage skills), eating, church, and visiting; Mason is a smart and funny boy who's so much fun to spend time with, and we're not one bit biased! Before we knew it, the weekend had flown by and Mason was off, returning back home once again. 
Speaking of time flying-- another photo of Mason at another Chick Fil A 
(see now, in the photo collage above for comparison).
Wasn't this just the day before yesterday? Sigh.

Life is Good!


Janet O. said...

Such a good thing you do with your grandchildren, giving them a special one-on-one time with you.
Yes, they grow up when we aren't looking. My oldest grandson turns 16 in a couple of months. I can't wrap my brain around that!

Ramona said...

Mason looks so much like your husband... at least from the photos. What a blessing you are to your grands, as they are to you.

cityquilter grace said...

omigosh..they all grow like proverbial weeds...only much cuter! you are indeed blessed....

Quiltdivajulie said...

Love the then and now photo comparison.