19 April, 2019

How Do You Quilt A Rabbit?

There's a rabbit in the studio this morning; a great big, white rabbit.  The pattern is an old one from Country Threads. I have wanted to make "Harvey" for years, well-- 2019 became THE year! You know how sometimes you just decide to drop everything, or push it to the back of the cutting table to make room for that ONE THING that you decide has to happen here and now? Well, Harvey became that one thing. It was now or never, Harvey pushed himself to the front of the line for Easter, you know how pushy rabbits can be.  This is the pattern, dated 1997. I collected all of the Country Threads patterns back in the day. If you go to the link above, reprints are still available, for a limited time only. He went to together quickly and easily, the pieces are big! He measures, as shown,  21" X 53".

Somewhere along the line I checked out the notions requirements for buttons, etc. I found these, at the same time, when cleaning out a drawer. They belonged to my MIL, they had been stashed in the old 301 cabinet that I inherited a few years back. They're the perfect size and were destined to become his eyes and shirt buttons. The cards were marked at 15 cents. That might give a clue to their age. I set them aside.

Then it was time to load "Harvey" onto Snowbird for quilting. But, I ask, how do you  quilt a rabbit? The pattern included those dreaded three words: "quilt as desired". Okay, no help there. 
I chose straight-line quilting with a ruler. It seemed to work well for this door banner. 
After quilting he received his features: eyes, whiskers and button embellishments. I just so happened to find one more thing while cleaning out yet another drawer(!); the perfect finishing touch!
Bunny buttons for his fancy French cuffs, ooooh, la-la! They're pewter and were found in my own mother's button box! His name has now changed. He is no longer "Harvey" but now his name is "Buttons"; Buttons the Bunny, it was a natural choice, with assistance from both of my Moms. 💗
Buttons is keeping guard of the studio door now as I come and go, he makes me smile. The following has been declared by both of our granddaughters: "he is my favorite quilt ever!"
And so, the answer to the riddle: "how do you quilt a rabbit?"
"Very gently!"

Life is Good!


Ramona said...

Buttons is adorable! Happy Easter.

Quilting Babcia said...

Harvey, aka Bunny Buttons is super-cute!

straythreads said...

Well done only those of us on s certain age understand Harvey. Buttons is very adorable and finished
Happy Easter

cityquilter grace said...

oh mrs g...he is adorable! i had a pet rabbit as a while, a nice chunky white one just like buttons...and he is dapper indeed with his embellishments...and the quilting? just perfect....bunny-rific!

Teresa said...

Quilting looks great to me. I like a simple design sometime so the quilt design shines forth.

Debbie B said...

I recently got the pattern for Harvey from Mary but it won't be done this year. Yours is adorable and what great bunny buttons. Great job! Happy Easter to you and yours!!!

Lindah said...

Cuuuute! The straight line quilting is perfect for the young gentleman --even tho' it does tickle. lol

Unknown said...

Do you know or anyone know where I can obtain the pattern for Harvey? I want to do him for my door. Spring is the only season I don't have. I would be grateful for any suggestions.