14 April, 2019

Sorting Strips and Other Weekend Activities

We had our youngest two grandchildren yesterday, it was a VERY rainy day and we concentrated on inside activities. I asked Lynnleigh for some help in sorting my bin of strips into color groups. I set her up in the sewing room and taped crayons on the table to identify each row. She set right to work and enjoyed the task... for a while. She took a lot of breaks in between and that was just fine. We found lots of fun activities. We decorated the house for Easter, planted some flower seeds and baked up a big batch of caramel corn (recipe below!). I don't have a plan for my strips but they'll be all color coordinated and easier to use now, whenever I'm ready.
She got a LOT accomplished in snatches of time. I am very pleased (as she is) with the result.
The truth is there's probably just as many strings left in the bin as there are on the table. But, we've made a GREAT start! The bin on the left (on the sofa) will be reserved for lights/neutrals only.  
I got this recipe from Quiltkeemosabe last week. It's all that and more. 
Good luck keeping it on hand for up to five days!
Gregory was happy to pose for the recreation of this photo from seven years ago. Sigh. 
Last evening Mr. Goodneedle and I attended the Winston-Salem Symphony for an evening with "Ella and Louis", we had a terrific time listening to vocals and trumpet music saluting the greats Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. We always love attending functions at the beautiful Reynolds Auditorium, for a high school auditorium it is amazingly special and, I dare say, unlike most others. 

One final little story from yesterday. Lynnleigh was sitting at the kitchen table and I mentioned to her that her face is elongating and slimming down and, at six, she's looking much more like a  big girl now than a little girl. She immediately replied: "Oh, that's probably because I'm sitting up on my knees!" 
Yeah, that's it. 😉

Life is Good!


julieQ said...

Your babies are so darling! I am glad those strips are sorted...can you rent her out to come and help me, LOL!!! I love this recipe! I am trying it!

jude's page said...

Looking forward to seeing what you make with all those scraps. It is a tedious job sorting them. The caramel corn looks yummy, but have not seen anything like that in the shops here.

Tanya said...

Sweet little helper there for sorting and she did a fantastic job getting all the colors right! With organization like that, think of all that can be made! I wish she could organize MY sewing room a bit.

cityquilter grace said...

sneaky way to introduce fabric to new quilters....hope it is successful....lol

Janet O. said...

Very clever way for you to accomplish two purposes--getting some help sorting, and keeping little hands busy. She does look so proud of all she has accomplished--and I had to really laugh at her statement in your closing story. So cute.
Love the re-creation of the handsome piano player. Where do those wee ones go so quickly?

Sherrill said...

My friend has been making that caramel corn for YEARS and her family calls it crack because it is so addicting!!! HA