04 April, 2019

This and That

 I am attempting to document here, with better regularity, what's going on in and around Chez Goodneedle. Seems like everything takes me longer than it used to. Is that just me?

Little Bit participated her first "real art show" (her words) this past weekend. Her art work was selected to represent her grade level at the county-wide art show of all the elementary schools. She was very excited to show off her work and introduce us to her art teacher. She held our hands as we took our time and looked at all the entries, school after school. She proclaimed during this process that she was "getting lots of ideas"! Since the time that she has been old enough to hold a crayon she has devoted her time to creating art! All that practice has paid off, and she has one good looking penguin snow globe to prove it!

Speaking of Lynnleigh, I did a little monogramming for her his this week. She *might* just be going to the happiest place on earth, but I can't really say. I have been sworn to secrecy. 🙊
With the weather tuning nicer every day (although we did have snow flurries on Tuesday!), our attention has turned outdoors. I have been gardening and planting up flower pots for the porches. My SIL gave me the BEST pair of gardening gloves ever. These are them, they are called "Nitrile Touch", and from a quick internet search it appears that they're available everywhere. I love mine! They're machine washable too!
One not-so-great thing about being outside the last few days is this %*!@#$!! logging procedure going on just beyond the pasture adjacent to our property (see the trucks and equipment on the horizon). Everything possible, within the law, has been done to prevent this from happening. The owner of the land, who apparently inherited it from his parents, lives in Washington DC and sold the logging rights for eight acres. These loggers have a contract to get as much as they can off the land by the end of May. It breaks my heart and crushes my spirit to see and hear it; they're clear-cutting everything in their path. These loggers are akin to telemarketers when it comes to jobs that drive me insane, they make no one happy except their own wallets. 😒 Certainly I realize that everyone has to make a living, and that wood has to come from somewhere. Still; when I think of the devastation left behind when they move out, the damage and the habitat displacement that is occurring, I could cry.
Despite the ridiculous cacophony behind them, we have attracted a colorful couple to our new garden space. 
Quilting continues within that theme; I must admit to enjoying bluebirds in the birdhouse more than sparrows; but, as scripture states... even the sparrow!
I am only planting a very few flowers on the patio this year as we have big plans for a construction project in the way of a screened-in porch covering this space. Hopefully there will be lots more to report on that, but as of today we still don't have a start-date with our contractor. 
However you choose to spend these gorgeous early days of spring, enjoy! 
Life is Good!


Quiltdivajulie said...

That screened in porch plan sounds wonderful - far fewer mosquitos and flies are likely in your porch-sitting future. Hooray for Lynnleigh's art accomplishments!

Janet O. said...

What a cute little artist. :)
I love those gloves. I have pretty much worn mine to death. I should get a new pair for the new season.
That logging is heartbreaking.
I just saw a bunch of pretty bluebirds flitting through our farmland a few days ago. I don't remember seeing them around here before. They are so pretty.
A screened in porch--how wonderful! Would love such a thing. We live near a wetland area and the mosquitoes are bad in the summer. Hard to enjoy the deck.

cityquilter grace said...

must be spring but sparrows are on my mind as well..very comforting! love that little dress...wish i could tag along...

jude's page said...

No you are not alone in taking longer to do everything these days, there must be something in the air! Your gloves look great, looking forward to seeing your spring garden.

Lindah said...

Your darling ggirl is quite the artist! What fun! Do you wonder where that will lead her in another 20 years?
I can read how helpless you must feel re the clear cutting. After so many decades of this practice, one would think we might have learned a better way. I share your angst.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

My sister in law gave me a pair of those gloves about 5 years ago and I have gone through 4 pairs since then. I really give them a workout with my gardening and like to have 2 pairs available at all times in case one gets wet and then I can switch to the other pair.

45th Parallel Quilter said...

I feel your pain with the log cutting. Living in Northern Michigan we witness it all the time. Landowners need cash and regard it as a "crop". There are "good" log cutters and bad ones. The "good" ones will be respectful and not just drop trees and walk away from the debris. They sometimes will plant replacement saplings which is always a good idea. Unfortunately there are more bad than "good" ones around. Wish we could have a screened porch here ... the mosquitos and black flies in the Spring are flesh eaters ... you know when you've been bitten for sure! Linda

Tanya said...

Oh I so understand your sadness at having forest around you cut down! I too can just cry when I hear those chain saws buzzing and I go for a walk one weekend and find a whole area of forest gone! Doesn't anyone realized the years it has taken for a tree to grow to that size? Doesn't anyone think of the creatures that need the trees and forest! If the forest behind my house ever gets cut down I think I'll be ready to move (into a retirement home?)