10 April, 2019

What's Under Foot?

What's under foot at your house?  There's something colorful, soft and scrappy at mine! I have always wanted to make a Jelly Roll rug. I have all the components, I just haven't actually gotten around to making one yet. Something about cutting ten miles of batting into 2.5" strips has been enough of a deterrent toward progress on that front that it has stopped me in my tracks. Then, someone smart and enterprising began marketing the jelly roll rug batting pre-cut. Brilliant!! But, I am far too practical (read: cheap!) to NOT use ends and edges of batting piled high in my own closet to buy a roll! And, yes, A Jelly Roll rug is still on my agenda. But, in the meantime, I saw some Fuse, Fold and Stitch rugs earlier this year, they were made from pre-cut 10" squares (Layer Cakes). I caved. What can I say? I can be easily distracted.
I bought the pattern and a 25 yard roll of the fusible, pre-cut foam on the spot (my rationale: I DON'T happen to have any of that lying around!), I knew that I had a Layer Cake languishing on the shelf in my sewing closet. One rainy afternoon last week I laid out all the squares on the floor into rows in a random color pattern and labeled my rows. Then I began sewing and fusing. The foam is fully encased in each stitched row, on two sides, and then folded down the center for double cushioning. 
I kept my rows labeled, in order, as I moved through the process. 
Before joining the rows together they are stitched down the center. I used a walking foot and a Jeans needle (#100/16) and had no problems at all sewing through the extra thickness. 
The labeled rows after joining and trimming. I still need to add conventional binding all around.
Fuse, Fold and Stitch Rug ~ 25" X 38" 
This beauty will live in my laundry room, it is fully reversible too! Doesn't it brighten up the space? Even the most mundane of all chores is now a colorful and cheery experience. And, that Jelly Roll rug? Yes, it's still on the back burner. Now that I have this one done it has spurred me on. I WILL cut the batting for it! It will live in the laundry room, too, in front of the washer and dryer, a companion rug for this little cutie!

Life is Good!


straythreads said...

I'm impressed with the rug what a great use of scraps. I have a box, 2 boxes of wool and I think about making a braided rug but this might be less work. you give me ideas
thanks for visiting my blog and the comments

cityquilter grace said...

very nice...and an aunties two pattern? carol macleod was in my chapter in maine...a busy gal indeed!

Janet O. said...

It is so pretty--I am afraid I would always want to take off my shoes before stepping on it, or just not step on it at all.
Really is a room brightener. You are smart to put it where it will enliven an ever present chore.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I looked at that jelly roll rug and read several blog posts about the making process and decided I simply did not have a great enough desire to pursue that much fussing. I've made several floor rugs (made just like a regular quilt but reversible) and they work just fine. Your new laundry room rug looks great!

NanaNor's said...

Very creative and so bright! I agree it is such a great touch to your laundry room.

Tanya said...

Ooh! Really nice rug! I've never heard of this method nor of the product but it was worth your money to makes something so cheerful! (Laundry rooms need cheer!)

Shasta Matova said...

Oh this is so pretty! Add another thing to my to-make list, although since this concept is new to me, it might have opened up a whole new door in Pandora's box!