21 May, 2019

All About Family - Cornfields and Collages

We've been on the road; a quick, and sad, trip to western Illinois to say good-bye to my husband's favorite cousin who lost her battle with both kidney disease and cancer a week ago. Thanks to one and all who prayed for her; she is now at peace in her heavenly home. As heartbroken as we were it was wonderful, as always, to reconnect with family that we haven't seen for far too long. I love this picture of my husband and Kathy from twenty-five years ago. They always had fun together. Our trip out and back was uneventful, thank goodness; there were storms all around us both coming and going! 
We saw a lot of empty cornfields and farmland that remains, frustratingly for the farmers, too wet to plant. 
Back at home: work continues at home on my new perennial garden. There's very little that's blooming yet, I hope to update this picture with one full of color very soon! 
The babies are getting ready to fledge, I would guess in the next couple of days. Yesterday I checked inside the nesting box but didn't take a picture. The box opens from the side and the babies are so big now, and so crammed inside there, that I was fearful if I opened it wide enough to take a photo they would topple out! They are distinctive now in their markings, fully feathered and NOISY!
Speaking of babies growing-- these are just a sampling from a photo shoot of our son's family a few weeks ago. I think each and every shot is wonderful, the photographer captured their personalities perfectly. Our son and daughter-in-law just celebrated their eleventh wedding anniversary, so hard to believe! Although their babies like to frequently test their own wings, these little ones are content to stay at home for at least a few years longer. Sigh. 😍

Life is Good!


cityquilter grace said...

so sorry for your family's loss....bittersweet for those of us who believe....and wow those kiddos have grown sooo very fast...and how gregory's looks have matured....you are blessed in spite of sadness...

Little Penpen said...

So sorry about your loss, but God is still so good. It seems we have experienced more losses lately, but thankfully, we know we will see these particular folks again one day. Great photo's and your birds are so cute!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Sending hugs to you both on this loss -- it is never easy, no matter the circumstances. Your perennial garden is coming right along - and the family photos with the grands are wonderful!