11 May, 2019

One More Soft Spot

Here I am, 'modeling' my newest acquisition; it's all about those "soft spots".
Jelly Roll rug~ 30" X 44"
Hi, it's me, Hannes. Ever since Mom got home from retreat last weekend with that great big ball to make into a rug I have been eager to get 'r done! I could always use one more soft spot on which to sit. But then, she became distracted with other things. What gives? Why the delay? What's stopping the action?

I didn't see a whole lot happening on my "soft spot" project; some days a pup simply has to take matters into his own paws.
The hardest part was getting up in, and down from, the sewing chair-- it rolls! What's up with that? One more instance of Mom placing her own comfort over mine. 🙄 Sheesh!
Nothing stands in the way of some serious determination and outright perseverance. Ta-da!
Finally; it's nice to have a soft spot for me while Mom does laundry; seriously, what took so long? 
I don't see Mom sitting on the cold, hard floor. What else do you have for me to work on?
Let's go!
Life is Good!


cityquilter grace said...

ha ha ha...hannes has sure gotten chatty lately....very nice rug and the dots fabric is perfect!

Quilter Kathy said...

A beautiful rug! I've been admiring these on line for a while and "might make one myself one day".... LOLOL

julieQ said...

That is just so, so awesome!! I love it...you inspire me!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Fun fun fun post! Enjoy your soft spot, Hannes!

jude's page said...

Looks fantastic, I tried zooming to see how you finished the end off, that's the part I had trouble with.