14 June, 2019

Dogs In Sweaters

I finally got the quilting done on that retreat project that consumed me last month; Elizabeth Hartman's Dogs In Sweaters quilt will soon be hanging in my studio in all its canine glory! I am truly in love with this little quilt. I chose to quilt it with a pantograph called Bauhaus by Patricia Ritter for Urban Elementz, it had just the right feel. I didn't want to quilt it too densely because I had a time with the fabrics laying flat. This is constructed entirely (except for the back and binding) from Essex Linen and cotton flannel. For some reason the flannels "grew" a little and required some steam and coaxing to behave in a straight and square manner before this one was quilted. It all worked out extremely well.
Is this not the cutest thing? This quilt measures 45" X 60"
Here's a detail shot with the back folded up so that you can read the most perfect backing fabric.
The binding got an extra shot of color with some red and black print piping, added before stitching the binding on but after the quilted portion was squared and trimmed. I originally bought enough materials to do the entire full sized quilt and then realized that it was too big to hang in its designated spot, over the loveseat. I will use those leftovers to make a sofa cushion with from a single block (16" X 26") and add the eyeglasses to that one as it will be a pillow to sit and read with. 
Picture from pattern envelope
I loved using this pattern, the cutting directions are not for wimps, but once that's accomplished you're good to go! I have two more of hers to tackle this summer: "Penguin Party" and "Cuckoo", they're on my to do list! 

Have you done any of these patterns? 
Which ones?
Life is Good!


cityquilter grace said...

way tooo cute mrs g...and finished is always good!

julieQ said...

What a darling quilt...perfect quilting!!! I have long admired her patterns, but I have not done one yet.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Wise decision to stay smaller and have this adorable quilt able to hang where you envisioned it. Love the quilting motif you chose.

Little Penpen said...


Lindah said...

How cute is that! Oh my goodness, you did a great job. I just expect those fellas to jump up and ask for a walk.

Janet O. said...

This is the perfect quilt for your house. Hanging space influences my finished quilt size, and I have had to make a quilt smaller than the pattern indicates many times. We do what we have to do. :)
I love Elizabeth Hartman designs, having made a couple of them. Last month I came so close to buying the Penguin pattern. So cute!
I think your panto choice is a good one.

Tanya said...

So cute! Your backing is so perfect for your quilt! I have ONE doxie hanging on my wall but even looking at that makes me happy! Good for you for making the big quilt!