05 July, 2019

Mommy and Me

You might remember from a previous post (here) that our youngest granddaughter chose fabric recently for a sundress for herself and her doll. While she's been vacationing with her other grandparents in another state, I managed to get their dresses done and ready for their return back home. 
The pattern is shown here, it was a great pattern and easy to follow; however, I would add two suggestions if you're going to make this pair of dresses for a little girl (and her doll) in your life. The first suggestion is one that was given to me and proved to be extremely valuable: make the larger dress first! That way, you learn the pleating method for the bodice front and back, after that the smaller doll dress is a snap! The second suggestion would be to cut the skirt sides with pinking shears so that there aren't raveling raw edges on the side seams. (It's easier to cut them that way than after those side seams are sewn, believe me!)
Here is the dress front and back. I love the way that the bodice is fully lined and the shirred elastic straps and back casing will assure a comfortable fit without straps sliding off the shoulders or the dress gaping at the sides while being worn. Plus, these patterns are great without any zippers or buttons so that little ones can easily dress themselves. I hope to get a photo of little Mommy and her doll modeling their coordinating dresses when they get back later this weekend. Stay tuned~

Life is Good! 


Janet O. said...

Oh, they will be adorable in those matching dresses. You are such a good grandma!
I used to make my girls simple matching dresses and nightgowns for their Cabbage Patch dolls (long before the American Girl doll craze). :)

Quilting Babcia said...

Those dresses are just as cute as they can be!

cityquilter grace said...

tooo adorable mrs g!

( Terri ) Ellen Goodding Anderson said...

How sweet. She is going to love them.

Little Penpen said...

How beautiful. My little granddaughters love the matching pj's they can get for their baby dolls.

Tanya said...

What a lovely little pattern! I wonder if I'll ever have a granddaughter that I can make dresses for... Or if I'll still be able to make dresses when my kids start having my grandchildren!