22 August, 2019

Birthday Boy, Then and Now

This little boy turns 39 today! 
Fast forward to this morning.
Our wish for him is the same today as it was 33 years ago:
"Here's hoping that you have the happiest of days 
surrounded by all of the things (and folks) that you love most!"
Happy birthday, son!
Life is Good!  


straythreads said...

father and son look soooo mcuh alike!!!!

Little Penpen said...

I first thought it was the same little boy in both pic's. !!! Then realized it was the dad! Happy Birthday!

AnnieO said...

The years go so fast! Lovely to have photos of the boy grown to man with his own boy! Our boy turns 34 this week, amazing.

jude's page said...

At first glance I also thought it was your grandson. So much alike!

Tanya said...

Happy Birthday! Actually I first thought I was looking at a picture of your husband in that last picture!

QuiltGranma said...

looks like his son inherited daddy's smile!