07 August, 2019

Nap Blankets 2019

Nap Blankets 2019  ~ Ready for the first day of the new school year.
I have posted about making Nap Blankets before, I am blessed to be a part of a small quilt group that is dedicated to supplying an elementary school in our local system with a nap blanket for each child enrolled in the Pre-K program there; that is 45 blankets-- three classrooms with fifteen children each. I have posted about this program before, here. I believe that our group has been doing this for the last nine years, that's 405 nap blankets so far! You can read more about the program, part of our greater Quilt Guild here.   
Here you see some of the nap blankets going through the rigors of "quality control". She's tough! 😉

 From a previous post: "These blankets are simply constructed with two one yard lengths of child-friendly fabric, a front and a back. They're sewn right sides together, turned and top-stitched around the edges and with a corner to corner "X" through both layers, there is no batting."  

I  am grateful to be a member of such a generous group of quilting friends; we are all blessed with so much, this annual project elicits nothing but pure joy.

Life is Good!


Teresa said...

A great project to participate in. That is such a sweet picture of your granddaughter.

Little Penpen said...

Sweet project! Lots of cuddles to be had with those blankets! Your granddaughter is so cute!

straythreads said...

What a great project and great excuse to buy those fun fabrics

Janet O. said...

A great service you ladies provide.
Love that cute shot of your quality control officer.