07 December, 2019

As Time Flies By...

It seems like I just indulged in this all-too-wonderful annual treat; the limited- time-only peppermint chocolate chip milkshake! Speaking of limits, that's exactly what I put on myself when it comes to this splurge-- ONE A YEAR. Well, it might seem like I just indulged in one but it's been a year already. Oh, my! And as if I needed further proof that time is flying and leaving me in its dust, take a look at my Chick-Fil-A dining companion this week.
Spaces are rapidly filling that smile where teeth used to be, the tooth fairy's been busy at her house and there's another very wiggly one ready to join the others on the outside! She's growing up at warp speed!
In an effort to get this beauty on the table by Christmas and stay true to the Triple-C (Carpenter's as in "wheel" Christmas Challenge) that I dared to accept, this has been loaded on Snowbird and quilting has begun.  
This is the backing on "Triple C", and old, old Michael Miller print that's been shelved for "something special"! As quickly as it's flying I decided that its time has come; if not now-- when?!!
The Chrismon tree is up and in the foyer. Once again-- didn't I just do this, like, a week ago? 🤣
And yet, with all the hubub; when I went up upstairs into our converted attic space, where I keep my huge roll of batting and set to work, on my hands and knees cutting a piece, I looked up to see this in front of me. 💗 He turned fifteen in August, our precious buddy and constant companion. He's still healthy albeit hard of hearing and with some vision loss from a cataract; his lifespan is measured by an altogether different scale. I took a deep breath. Yes, I'm aware that time is flying, but that's my time; God's time and timing is always perfect. I can relax. Sure, there's a ton to do during this season of preparation, that's obvious; however, I'm grateful that I can reflect on what's right here around me and count my blessings one at a time! After all, what are we rushing around and preparing for this time of year for anyway?  Let's slow down and make room for Him. 

Time does seemingly fly by, but only once, 
don't miss it, not even a second!

Life is Good!
up next: "Behind the Scenes"


Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

Such a fine post, my friend. Loved every bit of it. The milkshake sounds deadly. Blackberry will be ten in a couple of months; he's slowing down some and kind of lumbers up the stairs. But his hearing and sense of smell are still intact!

Janet O. said...

I haven't had one of those treats in years! Maybe I need to indulge--today. :)
Love those toothless, lisping grins.
That Michael Miller fabric is a wonderful choice for the backing of your table topper.
I am decorating my main tree today, and it DEFINITELY feels like yesterday!
Hard to see those we love decline--human and furry.

cityquilter grace said...

so true that time does fly but always take a moment to list blessings....of which i have many...love that backing of vintage-y santas....perfect!

Tanya said...

Ahh... Hannes is so handsome on that beautiful quilt. Time really does seem to go by more quickly these days... thank you for reminding me it is all God’s timing.