17 December, 2019

Removing Stitches and Other Events

We're really good at it-- removing stitches. We're well acquainted with frogging and we all have armed ourselves with the proper tools. We've been doing it for years. We have different terms for this action, too: rather than "ripping out" we may refer to this as un-sewing, reverse-stitching or removing stitches. I'm skilled at this craft! In fact, I'm so adept at stitch removal that when I parked myself in the dental chair this morning, to have my stitches removed from the dental procedure (extraction, bone graft and membrane placement) performed 4.5 weeks ago, the dental assistant couldn't find any remaining sutures to be found! There was a stray "knot", attached to nothing, and I was deemed free and clear to go. Another month of healing, a reassessment, and we'll see where we go from there. Yep, I'm that good! Years of practice pays off.
Lynnleigh was front and center yesterday afternoon, showing off her violin skills with her fellow "Little Mozarts" at her school auditorium. One of the pieces they performed was "Grandma Rides A Motorcycle". Ah, NO!, not this "Grandma"; I might be good at a lot of things-- like telepathically removing stitches, but riding a motorcycle isn't, nor ever will be, my super power! 

How cute is she?
Life is Good!

Up next: Adding Stitches


Janet O. said...

Wow--can you remove stitches that way from your quilt booboos? You are talented!
Lynnleigh makes an adorable violinist. She will be good enough to enjoy it before she is old enough to fight it. :)

straythreads said...

You have been busy just catching up with your blog. Glad all went well at the dentist it sounded like an awful procedure. I have to tell you a story about my son and the violin. He was a 4th grader when he started. He brought it home from school and told how to handle it and NO one else was to touch it, especially siblings who weren’t taking lessons. Then he demonstrates how to play, we had a little shih tsunami at the time, look what spellcheck did to my dog! Every time he put the bow to the strings Sammi,the dog would howl. She would stand beside him and look up at the music stand and howl. He only played for a couple weeks. I wish I had a video of it.
Best wishes to Lynnleigh
Merry Christmas

Rebecca said...

Talent shows itself in so many ways! lol

jude's page said...

You never know, you might enjoy the motorbike, i used to ride one when we had the farm, but certainly not were anyone would see me, and that was a lot of years ago. I am quite familiar with an unpicker, and not so keen to visit with the dentist.