19 January, 2020

A Finish and Another Sew-Along

This finish has been a long time in the making. This small quilt is the result of the Temecula Quilt Co. 2015 Summer Sampler Sew-Along. I was diligent (in the beginning) about keeping up with the blocks as posted on their blog.  I decided to do mine using the black and white scraps (generously sized leftovers!) that I fell heir to after my mother finished her own black and white quilt. 
She passed the bin off to me, I sorted through its contents and set right to work. I decided to use flax colored Essex linen for my alternate, plain, blocks. This project stalled a few years later and was relegated to another bin and stashed underneath my cutting table; out of sight, out of mind. Late last year I unearthed the project, determined what was needed to complete it, and did just that.
I chose to quilt it with a custom-sized (4") Easy-Peasy Baptist Fan pantograph by Urban Elementz. The blocks in this sampler quilt measure 4", finished. I also decided to round the corners. 
Additional leftover scraps combined to form the backing.
I don't often round corners, mainly because I was afraid of bias binding; I'm not sure why. The binding went on flawlessly and smoothly. I hand-basted it in place before doing the handwork to join it to the back and was pleased with the results.
I'm going to do this again, I love the appearance of the rounded corners. I conquered my fear! There's no stopping me now.
Ultimately this quilt will be utilized as a table quilt on our breakfast table in the kitchen. 
Sew, what's next? I have decided to join in the fun with their latest Sew-Along; this one is called Temecula's Scavenger Hunt, this is block #1. I am using all my scraps-- I haven't lost sight of my guiding word for the year: VISION. I'll use up what I have already cut and stowed. Wish me luck!
On Thursday this week out youngest granddaughter, Lynnleigh, turned seven years old! What she really wanted for her birthday was to get her ears pierced. But, she explained to me that she "wasn't quite courageous enough, not yet". However, undaunted by the fact that her ears aren't pieced, she came to her birthday dinner wearing clip-on earrings. She was very proud of these! I couldn't help but stifle a giggle. She's growing up very fast, but sitting at the table with her wearing these earrings (like the type that my own grandmother used to wear!) was almost too comical to believe. She is precious. 

Life is Good!

Up next: Strawberries and Cream


cityquilter grace said...

lovely summer sew along...it WAS a fun sew along...mine is hanging at my mom's...and those earrings....LOL....vintage and fun!

Little Penpen said...

Beautiful table quilt!! Love those earrings!

Quilting Babcia said...

I hope you explained to that little sweetie that clip-on earrings are way more painful than getting your ears pierced! She's growing up so fast!

Janet O. said...

The sampler looks lovely on your table. Funny, I made some of my first quilts with rounded corners because I was afraid of mitering the binding corners. :)
A very striking color selection for your next SAL block.
Oh, that is too cute about the earrings. Seven?? I remember when that little sweetie was born!

AnnieO said...

Good on you for finding and finishing the sampler quilt, so cute. I tried rounded corners on a quilt a while back and loved the effect too, with bias binding. I'm sure to use this technique again. Your Baptist fans look wonderful.

Good luck on keeping up with the next sewalong and using scraps. They never seem to disappear entirely, do they?

So adorable, your earringed granddaughter!