23 January, 2020

Ride Along

I have a frequent passenger when I run quick errands, Hannes loves to curl up on the front seat (his aging bones enjoy the seat heater on "low", truth be told: so do mine!) I found the perfect accessory for exactly these excursions on my friend Lisa's website: it's called a Bag Quilt. This clever quilt folds up easily and neatly into its own bag, sort of like a quillow but with a carrying strap. The strap is where I was sold: I can open out the quilt ( a generous 36" X 42") and loop the strap it over the back of the seat and it won't slide while he's curled up on the car seat. Brilliant! This bag now lives in my car, there are loads of uses for this very smart bag quilt; but, for now, Hannes has laid claim to it.
And for extended rides or daytrips, when he's on his back-seat platform, 
it's the perfect cover for an afternoon nap. 

What cute and clever items have you found to be useful lately? 

Life is Good!

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Quiltdivajulie said...

Hannes has always been and continues to be one very blessed and loved member of your family. What a fun and colorful (not to mention practical) quilt for in the car.

cityquilter grace said...

talk about pampered pets...LOL!

straythreads said...

Lucky dog

Janet O. said...

So clever! Who thinks of these things?? Hannes looks very content with his new "quilt".
I was recently introduced to Grippy Non-slip Coating spray. It works wonders in keeping rulers from sliding when rotary cutting. I really love the Quilter's Select rulers--they have their own coating that keeps them from sliding, but the Grippy gives a similar finish to other specialty rulers.

Tanya said...

Hanes looks so comfy and happy! Is he really getting up there is years? I guess he's been around as long as I've been blog visiting. Give him some love from me!