10 March, 2020

As Ye Sew...

...so shall ye RIP!

Original layout with outer
blocks bordered in brown. 
You might remember, if you've been reading about my progress with the Temecula Quilt Co.'s "Scavenger Hunt" sew-along, that I had two outer borders that didn't fit and that I decided I really didn't like, anyway. I laid everything aside before my trip up to Hampton, VA; deciding to tackle the dismantling of those twenty two blocks when I returned. One of the first vendor booths that I stopped at while visiting MidAtlantic Quilt Festival was Bucklebee Tools and Patterns. They were demo-ing the "razor ripper"; I stood in line to buy one right then and there!*
The demonstration was compelling (hence, the long lines to purchase!); folding flat the seam to be removed (see photo above, left) and placing the ripping tool at the top of the seam, holding firmly, one draws steadily downward and the tool smoothly removes the stitches (it feels almost like pulling down on a zipper). The photo directly above is from their website. They sell the razor rippers separately, or combined with this clever silicone-tipped wooden stiletto which effectively "erases" away the thread bits from the newly released seams. Knowing the job that I had ahead of me, I bought the set and an additional ripper!
I got to the task last week; before long I had made small work of removing the offending triangles and added my new setting triangles right away. This ripping tool** really did work well and I can recommend it highly. Also, that handy-dandy little silicone-tipped tool is perfect for holding back the edges when taking small blocks (like these) to the iron for pressing-- no more singed fingertips!
The newly bordered quilt: this is the final pieced row. 
An, ta-da, here is the finished flimsy, with its scrappy borders 
Those teeny-tiny blocks inside the borders finish to 1", I added multiples for effect.
Quilting has commenced. 

Life is Good!

Up next: Lessons Learned

* I bought the tools because of the awesome demonstration. If I had not seen these demo-ed I would have had NO IDEA what the tools were or how to use them. After that. I did notice them at other booths, at various prices, sitting idly in cups.
** I learned that the original use for these tools was as a "peach fuzz" shaver for ladies and that they come from the cosmetic aisle. Having said that, again-- there are all various prices attached to these tools, I can only vouch for the ones that I actually purchased as noted above. I have no idea if there are different manufacturers or varying levels of quality. 


Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Oh Wow!! I love that - all those little blocks are so amazing together!!!

cityquilter grace said...

i have seen the razor ripper in action and it is a gem! lovely little quilt too...

Sherrill said...

I think my favorite 'seam ripper' was a men's battery operated shaver that one designer was hawking at a show. It was so fast and easy to remove the stitching and no worry whatsoever about ripping the fabric. Unfortunately, I'm unsure where it's gotten off to and can't remember the name of the shaver. It was a small one probably more like a trimmer. Your quilt is gorgeous-o!!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Ah yes, as we sew so shall we rip . . . have not seen this tool. MUST investigate. Congratulations on a beautiful top and for having it under the needle already.

Janet O. said...

Looks like a very clever implement.
And your finished top is stunning! Worth all that extra effort to get it to where you are comfortable with it.

Tanya said...

That is an amazing quilt! I so look forward to seeing it all quilted!

Joan said...

Hi from Bucklebee! I am so pleased that you are sharing our Unsewing Kit with your readers! Yes, there IS a difference brand to brand. I tried 14 (fourteen!) different types before finding a razor with the right head angle, handle length, and metal blade guard over a stainless razor that would keep its edge. Bucklebee Toolbox specializes in unusual tools; we only sell tools that I use myself in my own workroom every day. Thanks again for your kind words! I hope we see you in Hampton next year! --Joan, bucklebeebags.com

QuiltGranma said...

I will now be looking for these! Thank you so much... er, thank you SEW much!