25 March, 2020

Berry Good

I've finally taken the time (what else do we have these days?) to make the cording and finish up this pillow cover from a wool applique project completed years ago! It's now in its rightful place, sitting on the deacon's bench in our foyer, the place where I had always seen it neatly resting, in my mind's eye. That clairvoyant mind's eye of mine sees a LOT of things around here finished. 😉 

I've also completed the handwork on the binding of that Temecula Scavenger Hunt Sew-Along;
 it, too, has now found a home. 
I believe that they'll coexist beautifully here. 
Done and done. 

Today was supposed to be a travel day for the Goodneedles, it's written on the calendar, in ink! I wrote that down before the world turned upside down. We're not traveling, and know not when we will. We had hoped to visit with my parents in New England but won't risk exposing them, particularly my mother who has chronic breathing issues on a good day, to anything coming in from the outside. And so, we adapt to the situation; we must do all that we can to protect each other. I will quilt today and continue to finish up projects that are partially-done, I will do that with a grateful heart remembering Romans 12:12 ~ 
"Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer." 

Life is Good, 
BERRY good, indeed!

Up next: Staying Safe


Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Lovely finish!! It does look beautiful on the bench! and your clairvoyant eye.... love it!! that is too funny!

LizA. said...

They do indeed coexist beautifully — like they were made for that bench and each other. That Romans verse is just about perfect for these times.....

Quiltdivajulie said...

Can you Face Time with your parents? Not nearly as good as being there but surely better than nothing. Your pillow and quilt combination is gorgeous - congratulations on BOTH finishes!

cityquilter grace said...

and i'll say 'amen' to that....in the old hymn 'showers of blessing' there is a phrase about 'seasons refreshing'....i consider this just that...a season of refreshing...oh and quilting of course...LOL

straythreads said...

Love the strawberry pillow and the quilt I’ve been finding some old projects too

Janet O. said...

Two beautiful finishes! You are using your time well.
Sorry you can't visit your Mom. My oldest daughter and her family were supposed to visit from Oregon last week, but have wisely chosen to stay home. Thank goodness for the technology that is the next best thing to being there!
I continue to be very cautious, since I still need to be available to help my brother with my mom--and my SIL has breathing issues and is on oxygen 24/7. Certainly don't want to take anything there!

Tanya said...

That Temecula quilt is so gorgeous! Well done!