27 May, 2020

Brother Bear

"Brother Bear"  ~37.5" X 43"
Working from the stacked, numbered, boxes in the closet I am endeavoring to finish one UFO each month until the end of the year. May's box contained all the elements for this precious little hand embroidered baby quilt, I even had all of the fabrics selected for the setting "logs" but scrapped them because it was too busy. I did keep chosen the border and backing fabrics, hence the name of the quilt.
See that baby bear roaming between the trees?

Here's a close-up with the backing fabric that I have chosen. 
Naturally, (if you're a fan of the Berenstains, like me) you know that there can't be a Brother Bear without a Sister Bear! Here's "Sister Bear", the girl version of the same quilt, currently under the needle.  I hope to get Brother Bear loaded and quilted right away; back-to-back bears 😉, successfully meeting my goal for May. These patterns are from Kristyne Czepuryk's book: S is for Stitch.
A current view from the design wall: Brother Bear and the first half of "Milk Money". 

Adapting in an upside down world: 🙃 We went out to dinner last night, at an actual restaurant, to celebrate our recent milestone anniversary! It's hard to describe that feeling, after all these weeks of quarantine; it was like we'd been set free. Everyone was extremely kind and all social distancing protocols were observed. It was a joyous occasion, certainly one to remember!

I'm happy to report that all of your prayers for Quiltkeemosabe's husband have worked and he is doing quite well; he continues to recover at home and grow stronger every day. We were so happy that he drove(! YAY!!) out to our home for a short visit yesterday, he and Quiltkeemosabe sat with us out on our new porch; it was just like old times, catching up. Thanks be to God!

"You are wisdom unimagined
Who could understand Your ways
Reigning high above the Heavens
Reaching down in endless grace
You're the lifter of the lowly
Compassionate and kind
You surround and You uphold me
And Your promises are my delight

Your plans are still to prosper
You have not forgotten us
You're with us in the fire and the flood
You're faithful forever
Perfect in love
You are sovereign over us"

 These words are from Michael W. Smith's "Sovereign" (you can listen here). 
You're welcome, the refrain has been playing in my head for two days. Amen!

Life is Good!


straythreads said...

beautiful fun fabrics and all those tiney little embroidery stitches!!!

cityquilter grace said...

ah the Great Physician at work....lovely little quilts...destination or just to finish and have on hand?

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

It is so encouraging to read that things are loosening up SOMEWHERE! We are still pretty secluded, though there is talk that in another week some of our restrictions will be lifted. Your quilts are darling. I have that book somewhere . . . . And such good GOOD news about your friend!

Ramona said...

Beautiful song... thank you for sharing. Your little quilts are adorable! How fun to have a brother bear and sister bear. :) Praise God for your friends' healing and recovery.

Tanya said...

The backing for your quilt is so cute!

How wonderful that Quiltkeemosabe's husband is up and around. That surely is a blessing and something to praise God about!