06 May, 2020

'Tis the Season

With the month of May come big changes, seasonal ones!
Yep, the strawberries are ripe at our local U-pick farm, each and every berry is absolutely as delicious as it looks. The porch quilt has been updated to reflect this full-fledged launch into spring and sunny days ahead. Much more time has been spent lately out-of-doors than inside. It feels so good to get out and to get dirt under my fingernails!
Year two of my perennial garden has yielded great returns: plants coming in vigorous, hale and hearty! I'm encouraged by that. As time goes by these will fill in more, I'm working to ensure color throughout the seasons, early spring through fall, through the selection of plants. So far, so good.

These two False Indigo plants have been such a nice surprise, they did nothing last year! I honestly had almost forgotten about them until they emerged and began to bloom. They'll get better and better from here. 
Mr. Goodneedle finished the brick retaining/planter wall in the back behind the patio; we transplanted some Day Lilies and Liriope into this spot. I also planted a cabbage, it's circled. The cabbage was a school project of Gregory's that he left here after a stay in mid-March; before the quarantine. I told him that I would take good care of it. I'm hoping that it will grow to maturity in this spot and he might enjoy some coleslaw later on this summer. Fingers crossed on that one. 
Inside the house: I completed the quilting on "You're A Grand Old Flag" for the back of the sofa on the porch. I had already prepared the binding but, after considering the options, decided to pipe the binding with red to set off the navy edge. It took a bit more time-- but, hey, what else do we have right now?
Here is is, piped, bound and hand-basted into position for finishing in the evenings in front of TV.
Adapting in a upside-down ๐Ÿ™ƒ world: I went on a scavenger hunt yesterday, I used to call that grocery shopping! Three stores, multiple experiences of waiting in lines at properly distanced intervals, just to return home with basics (flour!). A few stores had restrictions in place for meat purchases. This reminds me of the ration tokens that my grandmother told me about during the Great Depression; she gave me some as "souvenirs": red for meat, blue for milk, cheese and eggs. I'll have to go looking for those. Our state will begin phasing in the new directives for openings and gatherings at the end of this week. Keep the faith! Be safe, my friends, ๐Ÿงผ wash your hands!

"It is good that one should wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord." - Lamentations 3:26

Life is Good!


cityquilter grace said...

glad spring has arrived someplace...still chilly here in MD...and me a new englander....LOL...your garden is lovely and will give you hours of pleasure and pastime...things still closed up here, praying fitness center will open soon...

straythreads said...

Fresh garden strawberries! I’m so envious, they won’t be easy until mid June here. The piping really does add to the quilt well done.

straythreads said...

My grandma had ration tokens too I didn’t know what the different colors represented. We used them to play home made game boards like fox and geese. Fun memory thanks

Tanya said...

We haven't had to worry about supermarket rationing yet... And actually there were quite a lot of people in the stores today! I tried to make my trip a quick one but I enjoyed being away from the house and couldn't resist the urge to browse. Such a small thing, supermarket shopping, that feels like a treat now!

jude's page said...

Love seeing you spring photos as we are heading into winter. Am thinking of your country in this crisis, and being thankful that so far Australia has fared much better. Well done on another quilt finish, and love your ending verses to your posts.

Janet O. said...

Spring looks so inviting in your neck of the woods. The strawberries are mouth-watering.
I hope the cabbage makes it and Gregory gets his slaw.
Our state started lifting a few restrictions on May 1st. It makes me sad to see people seem to throw all restrictions aside, instead of following the gradual guidelines. I don't want to see a relapse of this.