03 November, 2020

Powering Through...

When Tropical Storm Zeta blew through on Thursday morning last week its ferocity was a big surprise! Our power flickered half a dozen times in a row before it quit altogether at 10:30 AM. At the time I was cutting pieces for Moda's "Stitch Pink" daily blocks (I'm doing mine in Christmas colors). It's hard to work with no lights, sewing machine, or iron for pressing. I figured we'd be out for an hour or two. In our case, since we have a well (with an electric pump), when we're without power we're without water too. The adventure of this situation wore off quickly when hours passed, one after the next, with no power being restored. We lost the greater part of a Bradford Pear across our driveway, sadly, it took a beautiful Kousa Dogwood down along with it. Once the worst of the storm had blown through we were able to get out and get this cleared away. More firewood for our newly installed wood-stove insert!
By Friday morning our household situation was growing worse. We were warm enough but we definitely needed water for rinsing off and flushing. A quick phone call to a fellow church member who fared better than we, yielded a generator that we were able to borrow. That was a huge turnaround; we were extremely grateful for their willingness to loan such a vital machine, it got us through the roughest parts of daily living! 
I carried on with my block cutting through the daylight hours, aided by a battery powered task lamp.
Using a fondue stand and a can of sterno I was able to boil water for a cup of tea. We were camping-in. 
By Saturday morning this whole thing was getting old; but we had candles, and atmosphere for our meals! I cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast in an electric skillet powered by the generator, thankfully we were also able to charge up our phones using an extension cord back to that wonderful power source. All in all, we were in the "dark" for 51 hours. It seemed a LOT longer than that in reality! On Saturday afternoon when the lights came flooding back on I couldn't remember another time when I've been happier or more relieved! I grabbed the vacuum cleaner with one hand and the scrub brush with another and set to cleaning the house! I scoured the bathrooms and swept and dusted everything in sight! Mr. G. loaded up the generator and happily returned it to our generous friends nearby. We continue to give thanks for blessings large and small- but especially for the gift of electricity! It was an inconvenience, to be sure, but being without something as basic as electricity helps to put everything into perspective in respect to what we really need, what we can do without, and how we can power through. 
Today is election day; I'm ready with my American eagle socks to go and vote. 
Today I pray for our country, please join me in the following prayer offered by our pastor this morning:
Almighty God, we pray that you keep this United States under your tender care. Bless the leader who is fairly elected by the American people, that he may lead this country guided by your wisdom and justice. Help him to use his authority to serve faithfully, honestly, and with promotion of this country’s total welfare.
Grant us the gift of peace, that those who vote differently may be bound together after the election in mutual love for our neighbor. This we pray through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

God bless America!
Life is Good!


Janet O. said...

What an adventure you had! Bless that friend who loaned you their generator.
I know we have a gas powered generator stored somewhere, but hubby recently bought a solar powered one, and I think he would love our power to go out so he could test it out. I'd rather just feel good knowing it is there, without having to test it out. :)
I am currently listening to election returns, and I definitely join you in that prayer!

jirons42 said...

I loved your thoughtful prayer and hope that you don't mind that I have shared it.

cityquilter grace said...

it's a real eyeopener about how much we depend on electricity...take it for granted all to easily....glad you soldiered on and had a friend in need....

Tanya said...


Not having electricity for that long WOULD be hard. The candles I have ready but the way we need to keep charging our phones, even 12 hours would stressful for us. It is a sad thought that I am now so dependent on digital devices... Glad you were able to get through it all without too much irritation.