12 February, 2021

This, That, and Three Other Things...

While we were gone away this Moth Orchid which has lived as a foliage-only plant in our bathroom for the past few years sent up a flower stalk! I was shocked and amazed. Maybe we need to leave home more often! I don't do anything special except water it every week; once a month I sprinkle a few crystals of orchid food into the watering solution but that's it. I had NO  very little hope of it ever blooming again. This was a wonderful surprise. Do any of you have tips for growing orchids? I really don't know what I'm doing. This was a Christmas gift four years ago, it came in bloom and those original blossoms lasted for a long, long time. 
We recently upgraded our cell phones. Thankfully, everything transferred without a hiccup and the best part of the new device (other than the fact that the battery lasts tons longer than my old one) is the "portrait mode" on the camera. Isn't Hannes' little friend cute? I really don't get my 35mm out of its case much anymore, there's little need, these phone cameras only get better and better. 
We've repurposed this ketchup bottle. Can you guess for what purpose?
For honey! I use honey both in my tea and over my yogurt and have found this to be the best-ever dispenser for this purpose- NO DRIPS, NONE! Next time you toss an empty ketchup bottle remember this recycling tip. 
We woke up Sunday morning to a taste of winter. My kind of snow, too; it was long gone by noon.
Star Flowers is now a top, it measures 56" X 81". I haven't decided if I'll leave the points or not. I will quilt it this way and then decide if I want to tackle binding the peaks and valleys or not. I love the look. Quilting will take a back seat for a bit, though, I have a few other quilting commitments right now.
I was lucky enough to get my first COVID dose yesterday. The process was completely painless. 
The hospital group has allocated the old Sears store at the mall where they can process thousands of people through a day, as long as the vaccine supply is available. It is done by appointment and the process was fast, organized and incredibly efficient. I have my second dose scheduled in three weeks. 

Life is Good!


Quiltdivajulie said...

What a fabulous use for an old unused giant retail space! We are not yet eligible in our county (currently 70 and up)-hopefully sometime in March it will be our turn. All of our sites are drive-through which means they are closed now with the deep cold (no one could stand out there all day and give injections with frozen fingers). Soon the WalMart pharmacies will begin offering shots - but only based on the county eligibility criteria. But we were able to get the first shot for younger son under current criteria - he's due for #2 late month. No help on the orchid front - I've never grown one.

Ramona said...

How wonderful that you received your first shot. Things are moving very slowly here in Virginia, but we are hopeful. I just love your newest quilt top. You've made some beautiful low volume quilts over the years and this one is right up there, too.

Judy said...

Glad you got your first shot. My first shot was easy and no problems. Second shot was a kicker. Developed severe headache, nausea and vomiting. Ended up in ER, treated for dehydration. My husband, who had his shots at the same time I did, had no problems at all.
In spite of my reaction to vaccine, I am glad I got the shot and would advise everyone to get it. Not sure why my reaction was so severe as I have never reacted to any other vaccine and I have had them all.
I really do enjoy your blog and look forward to it. Especially enjoyed your trip to the Quilt Museum.

straythreads said...

Glad you got your shot and no reaction and they are well organized. Mine is months away.
Love the quilt it looks like a frosted morning, the little bit of color in the Stars look like lights through the fog and frost.
It’s too cold for hoar frost and snow here -9 at the moment and -18 overnight
Have a great weekend

Janet O. said...

Sounds like a very organized, efficient vaccination system. Hubby may qualify next month, but I have another month or two to wait after that.
Okay, as to the orchid--I have had as many as 30 orchids at a time. I'm currently down to about 2 dozen. I've grown them for 6 years. They bloom best when nights are cooler, and they have good light (but not too hot) in the day. They appreciate humid air, so bathrooms and over the kitchen sink are good places, if the light is right. Mine are in north or east facing windows. South and west are too hot in my home. Around here they usually start sending up bloom stems and setting buds in the late fall, and the first ones bloom in December, but I have others that are just now sending up their stems. Once they bloom it can go on for months. Then they are bloom-less until the next winter. I love that I can count on their gorgeous blooms during the long winter days.
Was you home cooler than usual while you were gone? I don't know how long you were away, but I wonder if your home was cooler, if it was long enough to trigger the bloom stem growth. I tried keeping some orchids in my loft for a couple of years, but realized they never grew bloom stems. Hot air rises, of course, and it was never cool enough up there to trigger the blooming.
Also, you are doing right to fertilize, but from what I have read, while the blooming happens you can stop the fertilizing.

Janet O. said...

BTW, I wanted to add that a friend just down the road has had great success with orchids in a west facing window, but there is an overhang above her west window on the outside, so it protects the flowers indoors from the hottest sun. I also have an orchid several feet in from a south facing window and it does well, too.
Obviously, you should never get me started on the subject of orchids! LOL

cityquilter grace said...

lovely low volume quilt...a lady in my guild has many orchids that all bloom profusely...good luck with yours...sigh waiting on more vaccine here in MD...hoping i get mine before late april maine trip...

Sue said...

I have had great luck getting orchids to re-bloom. They sit in the window over the sink, mostly west but get little to no direct sun most of the year. In the summer, I put them in a shady spot outdoors and if we have no rainfall, I water them. However they are badly neglected. They cluster outside with the Christmas cactus. I had no idea there was such a thing a orchid food; I'll have to give it a try.

I also got my shot this week and it was a wonderful feeling.

Tanya said...

If you can keep an orchid ALIVE for 4 years, that itself is amazing!
I too, am using my "real" camera less and less. It is a shame as I think it still takes the best pictures but it is so much easier to use the phone and get good pictures.

Mama Spark said...

That low volume quilt is just beautiful! LOVE it!