27 March, 2021

Forever Young

She was my absolute favorite children's author, the news of her passing hurt my heart; she lived to almost 105! And yet, her characters: Ramona, Beezus, Henry Huggins and his dog, Ribsy, will remain forever young and immortal. Some of my favorite memories are of reading through these books with my children when they were young, and now with my grandchildren. Ralph S. Mouse was one that interested Gregory in particular. Back in 2016 when we took a road trip out west we visited Grant Park in Portland, Oregon especially for the Beverly Cleary sculpture garden, you can click on the link below to experience it for yourself. . 

Being in that space was almost as if I stepped foot right onto Klickitat Street. 
Rest in peace, Beverly, and thank you for the memories, from the bottom of my heart.
Life is Good!


Needled Mom said...

My kids grew up on her characters and books too. 🥲

patty a. said...

I remember ready the Henry Huggins books. I remember laughing out loud at some of his adventures.

cityquilter grace said...

yeah she would have been 105 on april 12th....the day the titanic sunk and also fenway park opened...easy to remember!

Janet O. said...

My children grew up on these stories, too. I loved reading them to my children in the evening as they snuggled into bed.