04 March, 2021

Pumping Up The Volume

After getting the Star Flower quilt all quilted and the binding attached, I needed a bit more color saturation to brighten the day. I dug deep into my bin of 4.5" square scraps and after a quick pass through the die cutter I set to work on this scrappy hexagon quilt. It's vibrant and fun. I have half of it pieced as it's shown here on the design wall. It will measure 56" X 72" at completion, containing 280 bright/medium/dark scraps out of the bin. Yay! Waste not, want not! 

So, here's the Star Flower quilt with the binding all basted in place for this evening's hand work. I love this quilt! There's so much to love: the softness, the "Puddles" quilting design, the ultimate binding choice (after load of auditions and consultations!), the pop of color on the backing, the fact that this one has been YEARS in the making! I'm claiming this one and keeping it forever.
Here is a sampling of the binding fabrics up for their audition.  Ultimately, I chose the one on the right.
Once the selection was finally decided upon, it was applied for stitching- a first view of the backing.

Another month has passed and a new one's begun. I'm SO READY for the warmer spring days. A dear friend gave me this Quiltfolk calendar at Christmastime. It hangs right over me desk space in the sewing room and where look at it every day. This month's photograph depicts a stack of stitched squares with this explanation: "my mother, who's battling dementia, finds familiarity in taking stitches on small squares of linen, filling them with circles, sweet meandering lines and and tiny hearts, forming new memories for herself and for her family." 💗
March 1st is my parents' wedding anniversary, this year they've celebrated 69 wonderful years! 💗💗

Star Flower is all ready to curl up under. As winter slips into spring I'm to celebrating with brighter, louder colors! For me, that means back to the scrap bins; I've got well over a hundred more hexagons to cut, that might just make a dent! 😉 Maybe. 

Life is Good!


cityquilter grace said...

i do believe we are ALL ready for spring....i got my first shot this week, birds are singing in the morning, landscape crews dot the neighborhood, sunshine lasts longer....oh yes i'm ready! love your colorful hexies!

straythreads said...

Looks like spring!! after those winter snow fabrics which is beautiful
congratulations you your parents anniversary

Quiltdivajulie said...

Starflower is beautiful! Those hexagons look pretty good, too. How wonderful for your parents - congratulations!!!

Janet O. said...

One lovely finish, one colorful new beginning--Sounds like perfect timing for Spring.

Tanya said...

Such color in that hexagon quilt!

I really like that commentary on the calendar about the mother with dementia. What a treasure that is for the family and think of the quilt or prayer cards that can be passed down through the generations. I hope I’ll be able to go through my final years still stitching!

AnnieO said...

Lovely quilts built by you! There are some that must stay with us, after all :)
My parents will have their 63rd anniversary in May; we just had our 36th!

Needled Mom said...

The low volume quilt is just gorgeous. There is just something calming about low volume quilts. Happy anniversary to your folks.

Teresa said...

Your Star Flower quilt looks so soft, similar to a cherished antique quilt. It is beautiful.

jude's page said...

Such a perfect fabric choice for your binding, it looks great!