14 April, 2021

Day By Day, Stitch By Stitch

Time moves on... day by day, stitch by stitch. Life after buying the new church has taken on a more familiar rhythm again this week. I finished up the quilting on the second of two Life is Good T-shirt quilts for a church member in memory of his dear wife. This has been passed on to Quiltkeemosabe herself who will bind and label them for presentation to his daughters. The days are warming up nicely now, spring has definitely arrived in full force. We have the pollen to prove it! 
Today we took our annual pilgrimage to our favorite nursery east of here to stock up on plants and blooming annuals. It's an absolutely wonderful nursery; family owned and chock-full of perfect plants of every variety. It wouldn't be spring without a day trip there! I'll be busy potting for the next few days!
I finished up a customer order yesterday with a new (to me) pantograph. I was thrilled with the results.
And now this. My return to cross stitch; all thanks (and blame!) go the the afore-mentioned Quiltkeemosabe who is leading the march straight into this rabbit hole! Forty years ago I knew nothing about stitching on linen or stitching over two! Here I go again... with chart, floss, fabric, specialty needles and this time with all the cute little acroutements that I need not, but had to have! Have any of you quilt blog followers noticed how many are returning to cross stitch?  Count me in. There's a whole movement afoot! Rather then spending the evenings binding quilts in front of television as I used to do, I'm now stitching samplers. 
Who could have predicted this a few months ago? Certainly not me!

Life is Good!


Janet O. said...

Those daughters are going to be thrilled with the T-shirt quilts.
The folk wisdom (and the local meteorologist's) is that we shouldn't plant before Mother's Day in our neck of the woods, because of our tendency to late frosts. So I will watch the results of your labors for now.
That is a lovely pantograph.
I never could get the hang of stitching over 2 threads back in my cross-stitch days. Probably couldn't manage it now, either. :)

cityquilter grace said...

i do have a few cross stitch UFOs that get worked on now and then...i try and avoid seeing all the lovely patterns because of my quilty UFOs...there is only so much time, darn it!

ThreadCatcher said...

I was a cross stitcher before becoming a quilter. I enjoy cross stitching in the evenings while watching TV, or out on the deck in warmer weather. I found enlarging the pattern and using it on a magnet board were some of the best things to do in order to make the process enjoyable. Have fun with your new/old hobby.

Ronda said...

Would you please share the name of the pantograph? I love it! The T-shirt quilt looks great!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Sure! It’s “Oh My Feathers” by Urban Elementz

Ronda said...

Thanks so much!

Unknown said...

I always enjoy pictures of your gardens. We have alot of shade, which plants do you find do well that are not deer friendly...if there is such a thing lol!

Tanya said...

Cross stitch I haven't started yet though I think there are a couple of cheap Joanne's kits that I still have in my drawers. For me the surprise has been getting into Bullet Journaling and drawing! ME? I am not artistic! But it has been fun going down the rabbit hole of art tutorials and videos!