19 April, 2021

So Much More!

This is the chancel in our new church home. A few weeks ago, when we were moving in and preparing for Holy Week services and the like it became obvious that there wasn't enough space on the altar for the addition of altar flowers. In our congregation, members sign up for particular Sundays to donate and bring in altar flowers to the glory of God for the worship service. I mentioned to Mr. Goodneedle that, possibly, a shelf could be added on the wall on either side of the altar table to accommodate vases for that purpose. This is what I had in my mind:
He agreed to see what he could do. I heard him down in the workshop crafting what I thought to be two simple shelves over the last week and a half but never ventured down there to look at the progress. 
In the meantime, donors simply placed their floral offerings on the floor in front of the pulpit and lectern. It was lovely. 
Last week, just before we drove east in the state in search of annuals and outdoor plants, Mr. G. brought this up and set it on the counter in the kitchen to ask me if this was what I had in mind for the "platform." In all honesty, I had no IDEA what he was taking about! He said, "yes you do, for the flowers at church!" I was confused because this was so very different from what had been in my head, it was SO MUCH MORE than a simple shelf! I was so far away from his vision for the very same thing!
Before we left for church on Saturday afternoon to install these on the wall I snapped this photo, I was truly amazed and surprised at how lovely they were! Not amazed and surprised at the workmanship or attention to detail, not at all; when my sweet husband sets his mind to something it always exceeds my expectations! But, my surprise came from what had originally taken root in my own mind, an image of a perfectly adequate, yet lowly, shelf. I would have been content with that and, I feel certain, that our congregation would have embraced that too; however, something SO MUCH MORE has taken shape and was ready to serve its purpose in that sacred space! Isn't this really a lesson in our own personal relationship with Jesus? How many times do we, as Christians, have in our own minds what that relationship looks like and feel content that we're living up to what Christ expects? And yet, doesn't Jesus expect SO MUCH MORE? He knows us inside and out, so much better and more intimately; isn't it possible that we think our simple "shelf" of a relationship is adequate when he sees deeper and envisions a finely crafted platform within each of us? Who is getting cheated?
This was the chancel space yesterday morning. I am so very proud of my husband, his hard work and dedication in seeing his beautiful vision become a reality will grace this church for years to come. I won't ever look upon these platforms again without thinking about true potential. Am I content to be where I am, who I am, in Christ right now? A simple shelf that merely gets the job done? I hope that I'm not! Through faith I understand that there's SO MUCH MORE, and I'm grateful today for wider vison.

Thanks be to God!
      Life is Good!    


Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

They look as though they have always been there!

Juliann said...

This is such a beautiful addition and watching the evolution of this new space is inspiring

stitchinpenny said...

Sometimes I wake up with a very different quilt design for a special person than I went to sleep with. It happens and I assume it was meant to be and that there is a reason. Sometimes I trust sometimes I pray. Artistry is a gift from God and I need to accept it.

Louise SS said...

So pretty! Wow! This really made me think: What kind of shelf am I? How can I be a better but not necessarily more beautiful, shelf?
Then again, all shelfs are needed and serve a purpose!
Isn't it funny how we all think that my view or idea is so clear and easily understood but someone else have a totally different take on it! No wonder the world looks like it does! Boy, you sure got me thinking today! 😊

Little Penpen said...

So very pretty!!! ❤️

Shasta Matova said...

They are gorgeous! They look wonderful in the space.

Janet O. said...

Wow--excellent idea, and an even more excellent execution. :)

jude's page said...

Great shelves from your hubby, and a very thought provoking post from you. Challenging.

Tanya said...

Just beautiful! Your husband is such a craftsman. What an amazing gift of the talent God's given him (and he's returned in full!) to His glory!