10 June, 2021

Lessons Learned

This is what school looked like this year, not only for Gregory, but for all four of our grandchildren; they all participated in what's known as Virtual Academy for this '20-'21 school year. They're lucky, both our daughter and our daughter-in-law have been present and committed to overseeing their online school days and helping them to develop skills in focus, independence and self-sufficiency. Taking children successfully from an in-person classroom to one on-screen has been challenging and not without many speed bumps along the way. I've heard this transition and all the planning and organizing that it took to make remote learning "a thing" referred to as building the airplane in flight. Certainly it was a Herculean task, one that was unprecedented. Slowly, this year, as schools began returning students to the classrooms in person there was a percentage who, like those in our family, kept on doing what they've been doing all year. Getting up in the morning and signing on through their laptops. 
Here's what the school day looked like in our son and daughter-in-law's kitchen. 
Their family was profiled in a piece about Virtual Academy for our local newspaper back in August when they began the year, and with a second, front page, "wrap-up" piece this week on the last day. Mr. G and I were on hand Tuesday for their final day of this school year. I was impressed, seeing first-hand, their abilities to stay on task, keep track of their breaks by setting their own timers and being so responsible. This hasn't been easy, not by any means, and so much of the credit goes to those at home supervising this method of schooling; but, I'm proud of these young students who've hung in there and rolled with the punches every step of the way.  The lessons learned along the way will serve them for a lifetime. 
Well done!
Life is Good! 


AnnieO said...

The children all over the world whose lives were turned upside down along with their parents have adjusted—because they had to! What a different year our grandson had for first grade! There were some meltdowns and technical problems, but he did it!
Glad all these little ones can return to regular school in the Fall.

straythreads said...

Wonderful your kids had such a positive experience with support from parents and you. I shutter to think about how wide the gap might be between students when they are all back in the classroom. Hope they have a great summer.

Sherrill said...

WOW! That is awesome that they were so disciplined to even keep track of their breaks! Great parents behind the scenes can work miracles. Sad for the kids that didn't have that assistance. I know most will be happy to be back to normal in the classroom (as will the teachers most likely!).

Bridget said...

My 10 year olds did virtual school also, but because there really is a digital divide out here in the country, we were limited to about 3 hours/week of actual teacher-student interaction. The rest of the teaching fell to me. The kids learned to be resilient and flexible and their mom learned that she retained a LOT more stuff she learned in 4th grade than she thought! I think this was overall a positive experience for my kids and the lessons learned will carry thru for their lifetimes. Did I mention that I also worked full time? lol, there were some long days! Kids have really earned their vacations this year! woohoo

Tanya said...

So interesting. What will happen in September? Are they going back to classroom school or will they be continuing their online classes?