06 September, 2021

Heading For the Border(s)

My late summer obsession has been pulling out all of those accumulated blocks-of-the-month from years past and setting them together. I got a border on this one (L) just this past week. A sweet off-white marbled fabric was special ordered (with fingers crossed) to border up and surround these six year old blocks and rein them in, success(!); it blended perfectly with the background fabric from 2015! One more to the full-flimsy stage!  The next ones out of the closet and onto the wall, a week or so ago, were these blue and white blocks; from an "I can't remember", long-ago year! I did the same blocks in red and white too, and have finished those up a few years back. I could see that I needed four more blocks here to be able to complete this into a square table topper. I'll turn my attention to that sometime soon; but, in the meantime, I had packing to get done and a retreat to attend!
And we were off, toward another border or two (or three); to a quilt retreat house in Ohio.
The accommodations were warm and welcoming. I've never slept better on a retreat.
Our individual work spaces were spacious and comfortable; the lighting was fabulous! 
We had a great, fully-equipped kitchen right off that same open space for easy meal preparation.
Check out this built in ironing space- with a window! 🙂
This was the view that I had, out the back window, from my sewing table.
And, we were treated to parachuters, compliments of the Sky Diving School behind the retreat house!

A couple of us stepped it up on the last night to complete quilt tops to bring back home. The Snowflake in flannels will bring some warm snuggle time when the snow flies. I stitched this offset coin quilt.
A parting shot before we packed it all up and headed back home again, full of inspiration and happy  memories.
Since returning home I've applied yet one more border! 
This detail shot is more representative of the colors in these low volume coins; it's sashed and bordered in a chambray blue Essex linen, actually much blue-r than gray, as these photos show. This flimsy measures 63" X 74". I have big ideas for custom quilting this one. And sew it goes...
Today's Labor Day, the official end of summer, it's time for the minds to once again return to back-to-school. The above two offerings are the newest Block-of-the Month programs at my LQS. Have I signed up? Of course I have; and not for one, but for both! Yep, it's back to the classroom for me (X 2)!

Don't let it ever be said that 
I ran out of things to work on!

Life is Good!


AnnieO said...

Lots of quilt eye candy today! I’m no good at keeping up with BOM so seldom join, though download patterns a lot! What an unusual view at a quilt retreat to see jumpers:). The retreat space was lovely, I’m sure

Janet O. said...

The retreat looks delightful!
I am struggling with the many BO(fill in the blank--W, M, D) I joined this year. Telling myself, "Never again!" again. :)
I admire your follow through!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Looking forward to that blue and white topper - you do so well with your BOM projects. I tried one a long time ago and decided quickly that approach was not for me.

cityquilter grace said...

oh love that lady's scrap basket project...and so miss going on retreat...do well, where was it?? looks like PA to me...

Tanya said...

Ooh! A quilt retreat! I sure would love to attend one of those! It is nice to work all day alone in my sewing room but I can imagine chattering with friends and eating lots of snacks at a quilt retreat! And some sewing of course!