18 January, 2022

Snowy Sunday

To no one's surprise we awakened to snow on Sunday morning, right on schedule and as forecast! A few hearty souls braved the elements to attend worship; all told, we ended up with about 4 inches before it turned over to sleet. Today we have crusty, icy snow remaining, the roads and driveway are still a mess. We've been warm and dry at home, I finished a book yesterday (will report on this month's books read later on) while cozied up beside the fireplace. With nowhere to go, I'll try and find something to occupy my time at home again today!  😉

Life is Good!


Ramona said...

We had about 2" of snow outside of Richmond, which turned to crusty ice here, too. Being a quilter, we are rarely at a loss for things to do at home! :)

Dee W said...

I'm in Iowa. We had 6" on Friday, beautiful but now it's blowing and cold. Severe cold warming now thru Friday! Your church is lovely. Was it formerly one that had men and women enter seperate doors? Love your blog, and Hannes. Stay worm, feel better.

Tanya said...

What a picturesque church! I can always find something to do when I'm homebound whether by the snow or the pandemic.