14 June, 2022

Another Before and After

A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. This "before and after" shot is no exception. What makes the greatest difference here? Shelf dividers! They're worth every penny, (I ordered them through Amazon) no more fabric stack avalanches! So, what led to this insane decision to drop everything and make some improvements in the organizational department of the stash closet?  I have been binge watching The Home Edit on Netflix; enough said, if you're a fan you already understand, if you're not, I can highly recommend it as a lifestyle that will set you up for nothing but success! Once you get your supplies identified, labeled and organized you're off and running, it's easy to maintain a system that's tidy and efficient. After I straightened up the stacks (I was already a step ahead there as I had grouped my fabrics into color families years ago, no re-doing there) I still had to dig in boxes and bins lurking elsewhere in the closet to uncover everything that was hiding, and bring it all into the light of day. I was ruthless. I only kept necessary sewing and quilting supplies and what I know that I will use and/or finish at some point. 
The next step was ordering bins to contain categorized fabric collections. We were gone on Saturday and when we returned home these boxes, piled on the front porch, looked like someone was moving out! I'm quick to admit that I have always loved The Container Store, it's long been my mother ship. 
According to the mapped out plan I had drawn up for the closet these are what I thought I needed. The clear bins help to immediately recognize the contents, the labels further point out the specific items within. No more recycled corrugated cardboard project boxes or tote bags for me, I've found that they only become a dumping receptacle where projects go to die.
Almost three days of sorting, culling, stacking and stowing were ahead of me after that.
And, as of noontime today, here is the final result. I couldn't be happier, I know where everything is, can lay my finger on it in a quick second, and will thoroughly enjoy using what's right in front of my eyes. It's liberating! As current projects are completed I can now clean out its respective bin and relabel it for the next! Speaking of completing projects, I can, and will,  finally reveal the BIG sewing secret that I have been guarding; stay tuned for that in my next post, it's all good.
Oh, one more thing, Happy Flag Day!
Life is Good!


Janet O. said...

Looks wonderful, Mrs. G! Your writing exudes the freeing feeling you describe.
But all of the organizing in the world will not give me the space you have, so I can never have everything out where I can see it clearly. Though I do totally agree about the clear plastic storage containers. I keep all of my ongoing projects that are not currently under the needle in them. I love the look of your fabrics in the neat, color coordinated piles on your stash wall. That is really cool! I'd have to do that in my dining room to find the space. Wonder if hubby would mind? LOL

Paula, the quilter said...

Oh where, oh where did you get those vertical dividers? I have those shelves and the stacks of tilting fabric have always bothered me! I need some of those dividers.

julieQ said...

Looks so good!! I am doing the same thing today...culling and organizing! Writing down all my UFO's...gulp!

sndy1 said...

Thanks for sharing your organization.photos. I only wish I could have the time to do the same. An inspiration for sure!

cityquilter grace said...

it is the epitome of organization and do forgive me for....envy...LOL! and for coveting my neighbor's shelf dividers....LOL...i looked them up but a wee pricey for me...will muddle along as i am which works ok just not as pretty! you will be cranking out projects for sure!

Quiltdivajulie said...

I've used clear plastic containers for a long time - you will NEVER be sorry you've gone this route. I, too, binge watched Home Edit and had a blast doing so. Lots of good ideas that can be applied to existing situations without a total makeover - which is what I've been doing for weeks now. Nothing quite so dramatic as your studio project, but oh so satisfying. Congratulations!!!