28 January, 2023

Winter Stitching and other Happenings

I've been as busy in the sewing room this month as an active puppy will allow me to be! Never a dull moment around here. I've begun cutting out all the pieces for "Stars and Snowflakes" by Wendy Sheppard. 
The trial block is shown here, under construction. I hope to have this all cut and prepped to take along for stitching together at an upcoming weekend retreat. While preparing all the pieces for this one I managed to finally gather enough folded triangle leftovers to constitute a 9" block. I can't throw any of these triangles away, even the 1.5" itty-bitties! 
Yet one more block for the bulging, overflowing, orphan block bin. I need to get all of these blocks out and stitch them together soon! Something I keep telling myself. 
This donation quilt for a child received a mini Cloud Stipple quilting design to bring it to life. It's really sweet with the small character panels, and quilted up quickly; I really loved working on it. 
Augie has become quite the little sewing room companion. He sits in my chair with me whenever he can. 
He also has his bed and toys in here, which helps when I'm at the longarm! 
He's grown quite a bit in the past 6.5 weeks!
He thinks that his job is to prune all of our houseplants! The training is going okay; he's slowly learning. We didn't attend puppy class this past week due to a reported case of Giardia; I didn't think it was worth it to risk him being exposed, just in case. So, he's learning new things as a home schooler right now; first lesson: time out for tearing up plants! That's a tough one!
Speaking of plants; this beauty, an Amaryllis bulb Christmas gift, is putting on a show in the kitchen right now... 
... while these forced forsythia branches are brightening up the family room! A harbinger of things to come!
Our youngest grandchild finally had her "official" birthday celebration last week. 
They're all double-digits now. Sigh. I'd better hang on to our Augie baby as long as I can! 😉

Life is Good!


julieQ said...

What a very pretty block!!! Love, love, love it! And your baby darling doggie is so cute. Pretty yellow blooms are heralding spring!

Kyle said...

A great beginning of many things. A new quilt, puppy training and a whole exciting year of being 10.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Pruning the houseplants indeed (giggle). Good thing he's cute and cuddly.

AnnieO said...

Pretty block! Glad the quilting machine is earning its keep making layers turn into quilts. Love the houseplant story! My daughter has a new pup too, he has doubled in size very quickly.
Age 10! Sweet pic of the darling grandie!

Janet O. said...

That first photo of Augie shows what, to me, is the definition of "puppy dog eyes". So cute and soulful.
But I have to say that in spite of that look, I don't know if I would have the patience to train a puppy anymore. Kudos to you and your homeschooling! :)

cityquilter grace said...

lovely quilt block and anxious to see more...augie has that "i've got her number" look...LOL...what an adorable sewing sidekick!