30 March, 2023

Carrying On...

How does that saying go: "Keep Calm and Carry On"? I believe that to be good advice and wouldn't it be even better if it involved a cookie? You know it would! I have another recipe to share from the Pioneer Woman. As I mentioned in the previous post I've been watching a LOT of cooking shows while sewing in the past few weeks. If I'm not stitching it seems that I'm either at the grocery store or in the kitchen anymore- it's hard to keep up! So, these aren't just any old cookies- they're Breakfast Cookies and they are simply WONDERFUL! 
I baked a batch, have wrapped them up individually and frozen them. You cannot believe how handy these are to have ready and available on a busy morning! Grab one (or two) to eat with your favorite morning beverage and you're good to go, they're full of good, nutritious grains, nuts and fruit. This will definitely be a staple around here from now on. My husband can be a little skeptical when it comes to trying new things. Think of that old Life cereal commercial with Mikey: "What's this stuff? Some cereal... it's supposed to be good for you... he likes it!!" 
Sew, what have I been stitching? This is block #6 in the 'Aspiring Stars' BOM. The blocks all measure 15"; I'm using a wide assortment of Lori Holt fabrics from different collections. I have absolutely no idea how I am going to set them together yet. 
I finally managed to get the borders on my Scrappy, Strippy Diamonds. It's currently loaded on the longarm. I found a low volume backing fabric with an allover tea bag print on the shelf, I had to do some finagling to make it work, size-wise, but I persevered; it's going to be a really a cute quilt.
More oversize blocks for the Cream and Sugar BOM. These took a LOT of time. Whew. This class is a challenge to to stay current with as far as the homework goes but I love it!
 One more thing...speaking of homework... this one will start Basic Obedience classes next week, I sure hope he's ready! 😉 Augie is 25 weeks old today; what joy he has brought into our lives! He's growing fast, just over seven pounds now. He's all about keeping calm (well maybe not), carrying on, and is definitely all about some cookies
What's capturing your time and attention, how are you carrying on these days?
Life is Good!



cityquilter grace said...

Mmm look good....pretty sewing projects!

Tanya said...

That Cream and Sugar quilt will be so worth all the work that has gone into making those blocks. Just beautiful. Good for Augie for signing up for obedience training. We missed that opportunity with the adoption of an old dog and there are continual problems that we work through.