02 March, 2023

It's March...

... and it's coming in like a lamb here today; what's the weather like where you are? Up at my Mom and Dad's in New Hampshire they're buried under snow with more forecast to fall on Saturday. My Dad loves it but my Mom has had enough already! Speaking of my parents, today is their 71st wedding anniversary! 
This picture was taken a while ago, but you can see how cute they are! Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!
The rest of this post is going to be one of massive catch-up; there's a lot less time devoted here with a new puppy in the house, but I'm going to try to do better this month. I was lucky enough to go on a weekend retreat at this fabulous facility a few weeks ago. 
I got all of these string pieced blocks done while there and am auditioning inner borders, that's as far as I've gotten; this beauty remains on the design wall while other sewing is going on. 
I covered a kneeler cushion for church, there was a big strip of high density foam rubber to trim up for this job. 
As you can see, the hunk that fell on the floor, the excess, was immediately claimed! "What, for me? Oh, yes, I like it, it's very comfy!" He used it for a couple of days to rest on, I'll need to make a cover for this soon as he began a little nibbling of the corners and I've taken it up until I can get to that task. He'll be delighted to get it back. 
I've got five blocks done for the Cream and Sugar BOM, these measure 20" square.

I quilted up the above two quilts for friends, they were both great quilts to work on; bright and happy!
Again, that hunk o' foam was well loved during naptimes under the longarm while I worked.
Sometimes when I can't find Augie I catch him hiding right in the basket with his toys!
Yes, this catch-up post was one that's gone straight to the dogs! Augie is 21 weeks old today, he just completed a six week course on Puppy Manners and Socialization and will  start Beginner One Obedience Training in April; wish us luck!
Take time to smell the flowers today, wherever you are! 
I'll be back again soon. 

Life is Good!


Janet O. said...

Love the photo of your parents. That is a lifetime of commitment and dedication. Bless them!
Looks like a great place for a retreat.I am hankering for one of those--but my first one in over three years will not be until the end of July.
Such cute shots of Augie on his new foam throne, and peeping out of his toy basket. What a charmer!
I DO wish you luck with the training.

Roberta said...

I love Augie and his adventures. Many congratulations to your parents on their anniversary. They have been truly blessed.

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

Thanks for this catch-up post, Debbie. Angie gets cuter and cuter, and your parents' commitment is inspirational. Your diamonds quilt doesn't look like you! And I like it! I'm intrigued to note how diamonds quilts of all kinds are everywhere right now!

Buffy said...

Happy anniversary to your parents! Seventy one years together is an amazing blessing; what deep devotion through all of the changes of life. Nice to see daffodils and pansies around your home. A reminder to us in the north that spring will eventually arrive here too. That little Augie is so adorable and such a great little exploring and playful companion. I can't believe al you fit into your days. I love to look at your many beautiful creations. The quietness of Cream and Sugar really speaks to me. I may have to give that pattern a try. Thanks for such a newsy, happy update!

Kyle said...

Augie is a cutie and your parents are pretty cute too. 71 years, what a loving testament. Glad you've squeezed in sewing as well.

cityquilter grace said...

smelling flowers here too...skies gray and damp and pretty chilly today but now and then it's 70 so spring is in the works...lovely cream/sugar blocks and oh those triangles! my mom in maine is kvetching about the frequent snowstorms as she can't get out to walk...8-12" again tonite and tomorrow....sheesh!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Seventy-one years - wow! Many congratulations to your parents. And I dearly love the photo of Augie in the toy basket!

Tanya said...

That is the cutest picture of Augie in his toy basket! Congratulations to your parents. Don't we all hope that we will hit that milestone someday. An you Cream and Sugar quilt is going to be such a beauty! I just love it!