27 September, 2023


If you've ever had your dominant hand in a cast for four weeks you know the feeling of absolute FREEDOM that is experienced when it's removed. Yesterday I was freed from the fiberglass "prison" that has surrounded my hand, wrist and arm; hallelujah! When they rolled the cast removing machine (saw/vacuum combo), just like the one pictured here, into the room I wanted to stand up and cheer. After it was carefully bisected, spread apart and lifted off the nurse asked if I would like to keep the cast as a souvenir! "No" was my reply, "please feel free to throw it away"! I was free to wash my hand again, to do dishes, to take a shower and to wash my hair without a cumbersome cover over the cast, free to apply lotion on my hand and arm, to brush my teeth with my right hand, free to do my hair, to wring out a washcloth; FREE! My wrist is still a bit weak; I have great extension (upward movement) but am working on improving flexion (downward movement) in the wrist, that will take time. I'm back to a splint for a few more weeks, as needed, just as a precaution. The post-cast X-ray looks perfect, all healed and aligned. I was lucky. So, what's next? I have so many projects piled up it's hard to know where to begin. Doing a bit of light rotary cutting might be just the therapy that I need right now, or maybe a little cross stitch! The thankfulness that I feel right now is that I'm free; free once again to choose either one. 
Life is Good!


cityquilter grace said...

Huzzah! Take it slow and enjoy the freedom!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Just don't overdo things for a bit - freedom is wonderful but a re-casting is NOT something anyone wants!