28 May, 2011

Time To...

... try out a few new burp cloth designs.
... add the binding to a quilt that has been a long time waiting, patiently folded on the back of the sofa.
...hem a pair of slacks.
... add an embroidered dedication label to a newly completed baby quilt.
...make two dinners, one to keep and one to share.
...fill the bird feeders.
It was liberating, this weekend, taking, and having, the time to accomplish all of these "back burner" tasks. That figurative stove top is fairly uncluttered once again this morning. Saturday was spent attending two memorial services, one in the morning and the second in the afternoon; both were inspirational services for selfless lives well-led, faith models each, who continue to teach and guide me. I am blessed to have known them; and rejoice today that they are whole and healthy once again, having joined the saints in the Church Triumphant. This weekend has fine-tuned the lens through which I view the time I have each day, and how it is spent. I'm more conscious of making every minute count, each one is a gift to be used (not squandered and impossible to save for later), with an ever grateful heart.

Life is Good!

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rubyslipperz said...

These burp cloths are so cute! What machine did you use? What designs are they?.... OESD? or other? Life IS good! =)


Quiltdivajulie said...

Amen to how we view and use our precious time...

marilyn said...

Your blog is an inspiration to me,it reminds
me to have more faith and trust in the Lord.
Love the burp cloths,wish I knew some
babies to sew for. Thanks for

paula, the quilter said...

You hit the nail on the head, Mrs. G. Back burner tasks -- that is what I did too!

Karen Newman Fridy said...

Those burp cloths are the CUTEST!!! Makes me want to have another...stop me, what am I saying!?! Well, actually I'll just look forward to grandchildren someday! :)

Sounds like you got a lot done!