21 September, 2006

Hey, little one...You're watching me right now; watching me, watching you. I see you every day, and I worry about you. Most of the time your Mom isn't anywhere to be seen.
You shouldn't wander off all alone!

Your ears are pricked up, your gaze is cautious; you're ever vigilant. That's good.
You are small, too small for this time of year; I worry about that too.
You should have been born months ago, before the summer, so that you would have had time to grow strong and prepare for the cooler, growing colder, months ahead. I know when to look for you now. Morning and evening... you emerge from the
edge of the woods and proceed to munch on any and all vegetation that appeals to you. It's OK. I am not spraying my deer deterrent this time of the year. The Hosta and Daylilies can use a nice trimming back.
My Impatiens are annuals, I'm glad you enjoyed the last fading blooms.
Be careful, little one. Eat up, stay as long as you can, but be ever mindful of danger.
I'll be keeping my eye on you, too!
Stay safe.
Life is Good!

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Flake said...

I see him... Have a great time...