20 September, 2006

I Am What I Am... ... because of where I've been.

I watch Fox and Friends in the morning, Steve, E.D. and Brian are on the road this week; yesterday they were outside Faneuiel Hall in Boston doing a live remote. I was born and raised 30 miles north of Boston; in West Boxford, to be exact, where my parents still live. It was a wonderful place to spend my childhood in the 60's, small town, picturesque rolling New England countryside, my grandmother even lived next door! I went through the public school system in Boxford and learned all the prescribed subjects from teachers, books and whatever the curriculum set forth. I guess the thing I didn't know, or wasn't aware of, was the "other language" that I was learning, simply due to where I was raised. Local 'colloquial speak'. Yesterday Steve, E.D. and Brian were quizzing the viewing audience on some of these local words that are peculiar to the Boston area. Of course I knew them, immediately. I didn't know that they were locale specific, but I know I don't use them in North Carolina; however I probably do switch back to local speech when I am with my family or visiting back home.

This was the quiz- what do Bostonians call:
1. a shopping cart
2. a rubber band
3. a traffic circle

It's sort of like family medical history. We are what we are because of who are parents are. We know what we know because of where we've lived. There's no denying some things. I found this a fascinating revelation... three little nouns can tell a LOT about someone. So now you know. You know where I'm from and what my choice is for morning news viewing.
In the meantime, please excuse me; I'm going to grab a carriage
and buy a box of elastics while traveling around the rotary.

Y'all have a good day!

Life is Good!


Flake said...
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Flake said...

1.) Buggy?
2.) Elastic (Band)?
3.) (dunno)

What does it mean when you are giving directions words like "droite" and "gouche", pop into your head? ....Or... you need to correct a written mistake and think you need "tip-ex" or, trying to wrap a present and you run out of "cello tape"?? I could go on and on... You and Dad really messed me up!! :P Don't worry, I loved every moment of it...

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I don't feel one bit sorry for you and all your messed up language! Everyone should be so fortunate. I treasure those memories too... but I hadn't even thought about that until you brought it up. Be sure you cross at the "ZEBRA" (pr: zebb-rah) while you're walking to classes on campus, y'hear?

Flake said...

Oops.... I took the quiz before reading the rest of the post...