19 September, 2006

Yoplait Day
There's an ad on television for Yoplait yogurt, you've seen it; two women eating the product and making comparisons to other wonderful life experiences. I had an afternoon on Saturday that was more incredible than eating a truck-load of the stuff. My daughter and her husband were staying with us for the weekend; she and I decided to go shopping, just the two of us. We don't do this nearly often enough anymore. We set out with specific goals in mind, knowing full well we might have to explore other venues if we weren't sucessful at our first stop. The first store we entered, much to my daughter's surprise, had exactly what she was searching for; right size, pattern and color! Excellent! Our next stop was a shoe store; I had in mind a shoe that I wanted, but didn't hold out much hope of finding... too late in the season for a one-strap slide. Well, you guessed it: right shoe, right size, right color and it was on sale! Does life get any better than this?
Actually... it does!
We decided at this point to celebrate our good fortune with a smoothie at the Juice Shop. We agreed to each indulge in a "Cranberry Crush", she recommended it; a new choice for me. The Juice Shop gals scooped up raspberry sherbet and splashed in cranberry juice, adding healthy portions of fresh fruit and whipping them up in large, noisy stainless steel blenders to perfection. (Much too thick to drink through the straw provided...!) The completed smoothies were set down in front of us with a flourish, not the two we ordered, but THREE! Three smoothies offered for the price of two because the over-zealous Juice Shop gals had scooped and splashed and added too much! An extra, free, smoothie to take home for my husband; a perfect, sweet conclusion to an ideal afternoon! I don't think there's a Yoplait equivilent to spending an afternoon such as we had together. I will treasure this experience for a very long time.

Life is Good!
and sometimes, oh-so-sweet...

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Jim V said...

Well, Lisa is never allowed to go shopping with you guys. She will occassionally pipe up and say, "I'm going shopping, I need..."

My response is always, "Sure, have fun. Get whatever you want."

Why? Because I know my wife. She leaves the house with such a PRECISE vision of what she is looking for, I know she will come back with nothing if she goes by herself. I could send her with a briefcase of borrowed cash with complete confidence I'd be able to repay it on her return, less a little lunch money. I actually have to go with her to twist her arm into actually buying something.

But if you guys actually FIND what you're looking for when you shop, that could spell big trouble for me. Maybe I better rethink this whole NC trip this winter...