04 October, 2006

The Best of the Best Pizza!
A week ago Saturday night, my birthday(!), we happened to be in Rosemont, IL; near O'Hare.
We checked into our hotel and asked the girl at the desk if she could recommend a pizza place. She suggested Giordano's on Higgins Ave. We drove the short distance from the hotel, parked the car and went in. The restaurant looked like any other Italian/Pizza eating establishment, nothing out of the ordinary. We asked about the Famous Stuffed Pizza, it was advertised on every vertical surface within eye-shot. She stared at us, kind of cocked her head to one side, maybe like she hadn't heard our question and then suddenly she realized we were serious...we DIDN'T know what Stuffed Pizza was! She went on to patiently explain about the layers of crust separating the ingredients, she then mentioned the fresh Ricotta cheese. "I think you'll like it, everyone does", she urged. "If you like pizza", she added. "OK" we said, "we'll try one".

I don't know if I can ever eat any other pizza again. Honestly. This was the best thing I have ever eaten, ever. It's hard to explain, but every mouthful was better than the one before. It was so good, and so filling, we asked to take the left-overs with us.
(We had a small fridge in the hotel room.)
We didn't know what we'd do with the last two slices but we knew weren't parting with them!

I asked my husband the next morning what he wanted to do with the pizza. We were getting ready to visit our nephew and his wife, we decided to take it to them. Now don't get me wrong-- we're not the type of people who go to visit carrying our left-overs. Not ordinarily.
But, this was the most delicious stuffed pizza in the entire world! Take our word for it.

Apologies to Breathe and Watersoul. If you threw out our "offering" I wouldn't blame you and we'll never be the wiser. You can go and get some, fresh; whenever you like.
But that pizza, to us, was manna... yep; food dropped directly from heaven!

If you're ever in the Chicago area don't miss it.

Life is Good...
and, sometimes, oh-so yummy!


Flake said...

You should have brought your leftovers to your poor, starving, college student son!!

Anonymous said...

We DID NOT throw that pizza away, thanks again! It was indeed delicious.

While you may not experience the same level of sheer joy you did enjoying the freshly cooked delicacy at the restaurant, you could always mail order one -- it's still VERY good.


Kyle, I think a mail order Giordano's would make a nice, albeit messy, stocking stuffer.

>8 ^ ]

Jim V said...

If you HAD thrown that pizza away, I would have wanted to know. If you haven't taken the garbage out yet, I could still grab it. It's only been a week, it will still be good.

Giordano's rocks.

We should invent heated stockings. Then we would give slices of stuffed pizza to everyone at Christmas.