18 October, 2006

Another recommendation... straight from The Strawberry Patch! These little discs will make your free motion machine quilting so much easier. I've tried the grippy gloves (too hot!) and the "steering wheel" device of ten years ago (too obstructive!) all in an attempt to get a better hold on the area of the quilt targeted for free motion machine quilting. Actually, the reason for my testimonial today is the ease of use involved, such a simple idea. After placing the quilt beneath the presser foot the quilter gently holds one of these discs in each hand, (the smaller disc goes in the right hand to fit it the area under the machine head) and exerting only the slightest pressure, directs the motion of the quilting with the discs! When the area is quilted the discs move as easily as the quilter's hands, to the next area. The discs are very comfortable to hold, the foam on the bottom side that "grips" the quilt does NOT move unless respositioned intentionally. The packaging contains claims that these can replace the walking foot... I didn't find that to be the case. I did use my walking foot for straight line quilting as I always do, with great results. Any quilters reading this already know that machine quilting anything larger than a small wallhanging can be a stressful proposition, something akin to wresting with an alligator; it can effect back pain, muscle fatigue and mental exhaustion... and that's when things are going well! (Heck, sometimes I even forget to breathe!!) This is one product that can relieve some of the tension. The product is well named: Quilt Sew Easy. After quilting 735 individual doggie-bone shapes in the sashing strips of my current project I feel qualified to recommend these to you. You'll still need to get up from the machine and stretch (and remember to breathe!) but your hands and wrists won't feel the tension and fatigue, a welcome benefit. Look for these at your local quilt shop or on the Internet, you won't be sorry.
Expect pictures of the quilt soon... I'm almost done. I only have the borders left to quilt, the hanging sleeve to attach, the piping to construct and the binding to apply. Oh, and the label-- I haven't designed that yet. On second thought, don't expect pictures this week! In the meantime, remember to take it easy and
enjoy what you do. After all:

Life is Good!

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quiltkeemosabe said...

I agree, this product is good. The thing I like about them is that IF you suddenly need your hand/s to pick off a thread that is in the way, etc. all you have to do to free your hand is drop the little disc. No glove to take off, no finger cots to remove. Just drop it and you've got your hand back. Now if I could only find time to quilt.......